AIA Launches Innovative AIA Vitality To Help Thais Live A Longer, Healthier, Better Lives


AIA Launches Innovative AIA Vitality To Help Thais Live A Longer, Healthier, Better Lives

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Friday July 15, 2016 11:09

Bangkok–15 Jul–Aziam Burson-Marsteller (ABM)

AIA Thailand has launched AIA Vitality, an innovative, science-backed wellness programme that provides customers with the knowledge, tools, and motivation to improve their health. AIA Vitality is the first program in the Thai insurance industry that offers customers discounts and benefits through insurance plans and exclusive network of partners as their health improves, to encourage them to start living healthier lifestyles, taking charge of their own health.

The AIA Vitality programme is available, free of charge, with the purchase of selected AIA life and health products. Customers who join the programme will enjoy premium discounts and health bonuses on selected plans. They will also receive personalised goals, advice, and rewards to incentivise them to live healthier. This programme is in-line with AIA’s commitment to champion healthy living and focus on preventive healthcare for individuals and families in Thailand and across the Asia-Pacific region.

Mr. Saloon Tham, CEO of AIA Thailand, said, “Being the Real Life Company, AIA is committed to its mission of enacting real change in Thai people’s lives. Lifestyle choices are responsible for more than 80% of the disease burden and 50% of all deaths worldwide. Through AIA Vitality, we want to help people make healthier choices and achieve sustainable behavioural change while accomplishing their health goals. AIA Vitality will guide people on a wellness journey and open new opportunities through its slogan, ‘you decide your good health,’ or, ‘Sook kha phap dee, Khun kum node eang.’ Let’s live the good life with AIA Vitality.”

Mr. Sang Hui Lee, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Thailand, said, “Regarding the digital economy in 2016, 60% of the Thai population has access to the Internet, 47% of Thai people use smartphones to access digital content, while 38% use their phones exclusively for voice calls. New health trends are also increasing in Thailand, including healthy eating and exercise that includes marathon events, cycling, yoga, and more. The AIA Vitality programme fits with the changing lifestyles of Thai people. It uses the principles of behavioural economics to promote healthy habits, rewarding members with benefits and discounts, to improve their health and well-being. Moreover, the programme is designed to make healthy living fun, rewarding, and sustainable.”

AIA Vitality, the first programme of its kind in Thailand’s life insurance industry, is a joint effort between AIA and Discovery, an insurer headquartered in South Africa. The programme guides members on a wellness journey through three steps: 1. Know your health; 2. Improve your health, and 3. Enjoy the rewards.

Members will earn “AIA Vitality Points” for engaging in healthy activities, including buying healthy food, having a medical check-up, running, walking, and other forms of exercise. The more AIA Vitality Points they earn, the higher their AIA Vitality Status and the greater their rewards.

The first of its kind, AIA Vitality benefits its members with an insurance premium discount of 5-20% for the first year, and a discount of up to 25% in renewal years, depending on their AIA Vitality status. The participating insurance plans include:

1. AIA’s total healthcare package, including medical and critical illness plans,

2. AIA’s life protection package, including AIA Life Protector 70 and AIA Life Protector 80, and,

3. AIA’s life and health protection package

AIA Life Protector 70 and AIA Life Protector 80 customers will also receive a healthy bonus of up to 18% of annual premium (paid out every 3 years) based on their AIA Vitality status.

AIA Vitality members will also receive discounts of up to 50%, depending on their AIA Vitality status, from AIA’s partners that include a wide range of products and services promoting good health. Among the partners are Bangkok Hospital, Samitivej Hospital, BNH Hospital, Phyathai Hospital, Paolo Hospital, Fitness First, Absolute Yoga, Playground 360 (authorized retailer of Nike), Central Food Hall, Tops Market, Garmin, Fitbit, Jawbone, Major Cineplex, AirAsia, Emirates, Marriott Hotels, Nanmeebooks, Geox, and Medklinn. Mr. Lee added, “We will be launching marketing campaigns to promote the AIA Vitality programme amongst our existing and prospective customers. Coinciding with the programme, we are also supporting some activities that reinforce good health, such as ‘The Music Run.’ To promote our activities, we will also invite some health and fitness influencers to provide people with inspiration to start or maintain their healthy living journey.”

The AIA Vitality launch featured Dr. Piyawat Katewongsa of the Institute for Population and Social Research (IPSR), Mahidol University, who presented on the status of Thai public health and behavioral economics. Dr. Katewongsa appeared alongside three healthcare idols at the event, including chef Phol Tantasathien; actor, singer, and lecturer Navin Tar Yavapolkul; and television host Kalamare – Patcharasri Benjamas, who shared their healthcare perspectives and methods for living well.

“We believe that AIA Vitality can make a very significant impact on Thailand’s public health, while simultaneously revolutionizing the life insurance industry. We know that this will be a true game changer. With a concept that is both innovative and engaging, AIA Vitality will push the entire healthcare market towards being more proactive by making being healthy fun for its members. I am confident members will receive AIA Vitality very well and that it will find great success in Thailand. Meanwhile, this will raise the bar for the insurance business and help strengthen our leadership position as an insurance company that commits to enhance the wellness of people,” concluded Mr. Tham.