The Bangkok Business Supplement has recently put together a deal with a major distribution agent in Bangkok which will see the magazine placed in a staggering 280 locations in the greater Sukhumvit area of the capital while continuing to be delivered to its already significant network of outlets.

One of the major keys to being successful as a print publication has always been to ensure the widest possible distribution in areas where the target market for that publication is located. With the addition of these 280 locations the Bangkok Business Supplement will now be one of the most widely-distributed and accessible publications in the city.

While many publications are looking for ways to reduce their print run, the management of the Bangkok Business Supplement is of the view that it is vital to give advertisers the best return possible on their print advertising budget and the best way to do this is to ensure the publication is distributed as widely as possible, hence the added 280 locations.

While expats can be found in almost any area of Bangkok, there is no doubt the vast majority live and work in the Sukhumvit area. With this in mind, the management of the Business Supplement determined to substantially increase their physical presence and visibility by arranging to have the magazine distributed to these 280 new locations. (Note: the precise list for these new locations is printed on the opposite page)

Since it was launched almost five years ago, the Bangkok Business Supplement has had an exclusive daily distribution arrangement with NewspaperDirect. The publication is sealed in the same plastic bag the international daily newspapers are delivered in to a variety of outlets across Bangkok. So, while the Supplement is a monthly magazine, it is delivered on a daily basis to retail outlets and to those places which take NewspaperDirect publications.

As with Bangkok, the Pattaya Business Supplement enjoys a similar exclusive daily distribution deal with the international newspapers through NewspaperDirect in Pattaya.The Pattaya edition has also recently undergone a major distribution expansion by doing a deal with the Pattaya Brochure & Media Distribution Company.

In recent years the rapid improvements in the road network between Bangkok and Pattaya has seen more and more residents of the capital spending weekends in the seaside resort, while many residents of Pattaya take the opportunity to spend their weekends in Bangkok. This has meant Bangkok businesses which cater to the expat market are in a better position to promote their offerings in Pattaya, as well as Bangkok.

This is one of the reasons a decision was taken to start cross-promoting Bangkok and Pattaya businesses in both the Bangkok Business Supplement and its sister publication the Pattaya Business Supplement.

While both publications are essentially stand-alone, a lot of content which is relevant to both Pattaya and Bangkok residents is now appearing in both magazines. In order to cater to the potential dual market, and allow advertisers who wish to promote their business in the two publications, the Business Supplement offers a very attractive advertising rate.This dual-city promotion has proven a hit with savvy business entrepreneurs who have recognized the value in projecting into either the Bangkok or Pattaya marketplace.

It is quite possible that with this enormous increase in distribution outlets, the Bangkok Business Supplement will now be the most widely-disseminated free publication in the capital, which is a win for the publishers and a win for advertisers.

For more information on either edition of the Business Supplement contact Ben at 0846 77 43 60.