99 Services offer a broad range of foreigner-friendly help


99 Services offer a broad range of foreigner-friendly help

One of the most familiar and longest-established businesses in Pattaya is 99 Services, which, as the name might suggest, offers a mind-boggling array of the kinds of services which most expats and visitors need during their time in Thailand.

The company office is situated almost at the beginning of Pratumnak Road in south Pattaya, right opposite the well-known VC Hotel on what is colloquially known as Soi VC.

99 Services was started and run by French expatriate Roland Gobert, who has been in Pattaya since 1988. Roland’s educational and professional business career has run the gamut from a master’s degree in computer programming, majors in business and economics, director of safety at the international airport in Strasbourg, sales, marketing, international investment and becoming a Certified International Property Specialist (C.I.P.S.).

When he first came to Thailand he spent eight months learning the Thai language before embarking on a business venture: the 19th Hole pool bar and restaurant on Walking Street. This became one of the most popular after-hours venues in Pattaya at the time.

He also opened My Office, which was one of the first travel agencies in Walking Street. He became so successful and efficient with this that Roland’s company is one of the very few IATA-accredited travel agents in Thailand, a prestigious position that places 99 Services as virtually the ‘go-to’ travel agency in Pattaya.

As time wore on Roland became involved in real estate and consultancy work as well as putting together the right people to offer legal advice, especially in the real estate realm.

99 Services was created because Roland realised there was a serious gap in the market for an expat or long-term regular visitor to Pattaya to go to obtain information and advice about a raft of different subjects.

By offering such a wide range of services Roland feels he has created the best one-stop customer service operation in Pattaya.

It is beyond the scope of this article to cover all the areas that can be handled by the staff of 99 Services, but among the most important for expats and others would be, for example, the ability to rent a safe deposit box which can accessed 24-hours a day, seven days a week. For those on an extended holiday perhaps, rather than trust your valuables to the hotel in which you are staying, or for those with a house or condo, but are looking for an external location to keep key documents, then a safe deposit box with 99 Services which can be accessed at any time could be a perfect alternative.

Other major issues for most expats tend to revolve around visas and work permits, company setup and registrations, general legal advice, insurance, driving licences and, of course, building construction. In all of these areas Roland believes 99 Services offers unparalleled advice and knowledge.

While being all things to all people is not usually a recipe for success, Roland’s guiding hand and wealth of local knowledge and contacts, built up over almost three decades in Thailand and Pattaya, has made his company arguably the number one go-to choice for many who have used 99 Services in the past.

For more information visit their website: www.99servicesthailand.com or simply call them 038 713 713-5.