How to get more sales from your website with Google Adwords


How to get more sales from your website with Google Adwords

Every month there are more than 100 million Google searches and this number is only going to increase, so how do you use that to help your business?

Many small business owners dismiss Google Adwords as expensive, complicated and untrackable.

This is simply not the case, when Adwords is set up correctly then it can be a profit increasing tool which brings the right people to your website at the time they are looking to buy the products you sell.

Think about the kind of traffic that you don’t want coming to your website, that is very important. For example if you are a real estate agent who specialises in sales then you may want to add the word rentals as a negative keyword and you may want to exclude people who are only looking for information and are not yet ready to buy. Make a list of all the traffic you don’t want and then make a list of the traffic you do want.


It should look something like this:


Buy condo in Pattaya/Bangkok

Buy house in Pattaya/Bangkok

Condo Developers in Pattaya/Bangkok

Property Developers in Pattaya/Bangkok

Buy property in Pattaya/Bangkok


Condo Rental

Condo Maintenance

Laws about buying condos

Can I buy a condo in my own name

How to buy property in Thailand


Next go to and setup your account, this is very easy to do if you already have a gmail account, then visit the keyword planner in the tools section and input all of the keyphrases that you wrote on your positive list.

The keyword planner will then show you data on how many searches there are every month for the keywords that you have chosen, and it will also give you suggestions for other keywords which you may want to include in your campaign. You can filter this by location, for example, you may only want to advertise to people in Thailand or you may want to advertise to people abroad.

Remember, when you set up your campaigns separate them by location, if you want to advertise in Thailand, UK and Australia for example – don’t put them all in one campaign together as the time zones are different.

Inside your campaigns, you have ad groups which contain groups of keywords and ads. The keywords should be all very closely related, eg: one group for condos and one group for houses. You should have at least two different ads in each ad group and the ads should contain some of the keywords in your ad group.

It’s really important that you target ‘commercial keywords’ – the keywords that people search for when they are ready to buy, you can download my universal list of negative keywords by visiting



Gemma Purnell is a certified Google Adwords Professional & Trainer, she is also the SEO/SEM Instructor at Web Courses Bangkok. She offers one to one Adwords Consulting for small businesses in Pattaya and Bangkok and champions the Digital Marketing Brand – PDS Online.