Murphy is Truly Irish Pub making an impact in East Pattaya


Murphy’s Truly Irish Pub making an impact in East Pattaya

Most people who have been in Pattaya at any time over the last decade or so would be aware of Steve Murphy, the Irish expatriate who used to run a small but very popular venue in Soi LK Metro called, appropriately, Murphy’s Law.

The big Irishman took a break from the bar scene for a little while, but he has re-emerged, this time arguably bigger and better than ever, but now on the so-called Dark Side: east Pattaya.

The Dark Side is what it used to be. For almost 10 years now East Pattaya has grown almost exponentially year after year, with a huge number of expats making their homes east of Sukhumvit Road. Now, in all its glory on Soi Khao Noi, arises Murphy’s Bar, run by Steve Murphy.

Now very much a family man, Steve has created a real Irish oasis up at the top of the Soi Khao Noi hill, opposite Soi 12, about two kilometres from Sukhumvit Road.

Unlike the old Murphy’s Law, Murphy’s Pub is a real family-oriented destination, fully air-conditioned with an extensive menu. In fact, it’s the food and the ambience which Steve Murphy is now concentrating on to create the kind of niche required to garner a loyal clientele.

Whether it’s the standard full English breakfast, sausage and mash, or just a few snacks and maybe a tempting dessert, Murphy’s Pub has your stomach covered. You can choose to eat inside the nicely-appointed bar and lounge area, or you might want to chow down by the pool. Equally, you might like to sit outside on the terrace and watch the passing parade, albeit usually more vehicular than human. The choice is totally yours.

One of the biggest drawbacks for so many places in Pattaya, and even on the eastern side, is the difficulty in finding a parking spot. Thankfully, Murphy’s Pub has that sorted with plenty of spaces out the front as well as at least 20 spots right across the road. Steve said the pub has a deal with the people in Soi 12, which helps to make the parking issue almost redundant.

Of course the usual raft of beverages is available, from Guinness on draught (well, it wouldn’t be a genuine Irish pub without that would it?) to beers on tap as well as a selection of wines (perfect for those coming in to dine) and spirits.

There’s also free WiFi and a pool table for customers.

The staff are employed on the basis of efficiency and friendliness, two essentials for any place looking to create the groundwork for long-term success.

Murphy’s Pub at the top of Soi Khao Noi hill – “Never Goin’ Home”!