CTLS scores third successive top-rank award


CTLS scores third successive top-rank award

The CTLS Language School in Pattaya was recently recognized by the relevant authorities as the ‘Best Private Language School in Pattaya’ for 2015. This is the third successive year that CTLS has annexed this prestigious position, and, as the owners of the business readily acknowledge, the main reason for this success is the quality and dedication of their staff.

As most people are well aware, the military-installed government has, through the Immigration Department, been making changes to visa regulations and checking the bona-fides of many language schools and the students who have obtained Education Visas through these establishments.

As CTLS readily notes, the past six months or so has been difficult for language schools as the Immigration Department conducts checks to see that its new policies and rules are being adhered to.

They claim officers from the Immigration Department are conducting regular and random checks of schools and taking photos of classes to ascertain student numbers and attendance. The suggestion is that if officers come twice and on both occasions a student is not in attendance, then the relevant student visa could be at risk. Basically, non-attendance under a student visa is simply not acceptable any longer.

For CTLS, their policy from the very beginning, has been to ensure that everything they do follows existing regulations, no matter how much they may change or be modified. This strict adherence to following both the rule and the spirit of the law has obviously held them in good stead, and this reflects well on their students as well. After all, if the general feeling among Immigration authorities is that those who are students of CTLS will almost certainly be ‘genuine’, then officials tend to be far more lenient in their approach to these students than with those from what are perceived to be less stringent language schools.

The CTLS Language School has been open in Pattaya since October 2008, and in that time has doubled in size, stretching across four buildings and with a capacity to teach 2,500 students a week.

In April 2010, CTLS Language School became the only Ibt testing centre for TOEFL in Chonburi province, and one of only five testing centres in all of Thailand. TOEFL is the internationally-recognised academic standard of English, and is accepted by more than 9,000 universities world-wide.

As management point out, 90 percent of tests done this year were completely booked out, and they recommend students wanting to take the test should book as early as possible, online via www.TOEFL.org.

CTLS Language School was recently granted a licence to give student visas for learning Thai cuisine cooking, and they also have been granted a licence to teach traditional Thai massage.

As CTLS management notes, the student visa, if done correctly, is still one of the very best visas a foreigner can obtain.