Retox racing up the restaurant ratings


Retox racing up the restaurant ratings

Opened on Soi Lengkee just a few months ago, the Retox Bar, Hotel and Restaurant has quickly made in-roads into the psyche of those expats and regulars who enjoy dining out, whether it be for a hearty breakfast, a trencherman’s lunch or relaxing dinner.

One of its early signature themes, and a guarantee of gastronomic publicity, has been its introduction of what it calls the Retox burger challenge. The deal is straightforward enough. You must consume five 200gm 100 percent beef burgers, five fried eggs, five portions of cheese, five burger buns, some salad, and an Idaho-load of homemade chips (French Fries to the Americans and some others).

For entering this challenge you will receive, free, a t-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘I did the Retox Burger Challenge’. If you manage to consume this amount of food you, firstly, won’t probably want to eat again for a day or so, but, secondly, you won’t have to pay and your name will appear on the Retox Wall of Fame. Even if you can’t make it to the end you only have to pay 990 baht, and the leftovers will be packaged up for you to take home. So, all in all, it’s a pretty good deal all round.

The kitchen opens at 7:00am and stays operational until 1:00am. A very popular promotion is the 98 Baht Buster Breakfast. For those who may be watching their weight, or are simply concerned about the food they consume, Retox has the Bankbuster, made with 100 percent natural and organic ingredients. There is also the even healthier (if that’s possible) Detox menu, which consists of grilled health foods, protein shakes and fresh fruit smoothies.

Other items which have already garnered a following among the growing group of regular diners are the Retox Eggs Benedict and the variety of steaks sourced fom Steak and Company.

The Retox Bar is also establishing its niche in the sporting venue stakes, having 30 TV screens set up around the premises and showing all the sporting fixtures almost anyone could ever want to see. A customer can set up inside the air-conditioned bar or sample the ambience of the outside terrace (where the ceiling fans do just as good a job of keeping you cool).

Naturally, all the popular and favourite beers, wines and spirits are available from Retox’s well-stocked bar, including draft Guinness at a knockdown price.

For anyone looking to spend a few nights, the Retox Hotel has 12 rooms, all completely refurbished. The beds are King size, the TV’s are 50-inch, there is a fridge, a safe and personal tea and coffee making facilities.

To contact Retox, simply call them: 038 410256, 087 440 6060; email: [email protected] or check out their website: