Coca-Cola marks 100th anniversary of its iconic glass-bottle


Coca-Cola marks 100th anniversary of its iconic glass-bottle
Business Press Releases Tuesday March 10, 2015 13:11  
Bangkok–10 Mar–Bangkok Public Relations
The Coca-Cola system in Thailand, and Thailand’s leading producer and marketer of non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages, recently announced that it aims to further strengthen its leadership position by organising major campaigns around celebrations to mark the 100th anniversary of the iconic Coke glass bottle which was first introduced in 1915 and which has become one of the world’s most recognisable shapes anywhere on earth.
As part of the 100th anniversary celebrations, the Coca-Cola system in Thailand launched its biggest promotion for 2015 with a budget of Bht 450 million. It has special words printed under the bottle-caps of more than million bottles of Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite. Consumers can collect and exchange any five caps with the special words for one free bottle of Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite until 30th April 2015.
In addition, the Coca-Cola system in Thailand announced that it has chosen ‘Toey’ Jarinporn Joonkiat as the brand ambassador for Coke glass bottle 100th anniversary celebrations.
Mr. Nuntivat Thamhatai, Public Affairs & Communications Director, Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., said, “Created in 1915, the Coke glass bottle is one of the world’s first commercial ‘icons’ and has achieved iconic status as a symbol of a refreshing and uplifting experience. It remains an important asset to our business to this day. It has won over consumers in Thailand and the world over for 100 years.”
“We are investing more than Bht 450 million in our biggest marketing programme of the year to celebrate this globally significant milestone. The marketing activities include a massive promotion campaign, activities at points of purchase, fizzy fun Songkran activities and Coke global exhibition tour. All of these are testament to a unique success that only Coke can do,” added Mr. Nuntivat.
He added that in surveys conducted around the world, consumers had repeatedly said that drinking from a glass bottle made the experience of drinking Coca-Cola particularly refreshing.
Ms. Prapaipak Weigl, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola (Thailand) Ltd., said, “This year will be a very special one for Coca-Cola and we are marking the centenary of the iconic Coke glass bottle by launching a sparkling line-up of marketing activities to reach consumers nationwide and give them a unique uplifting experience from Coke glass bottle.”
She said the activities include:
a massive promotion campaign in which more than million Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite bottle caps were printed with special words, any five of which can be exchanged for one free bottle of Coca-Cola, Fanta or Sprite;
the airing of three new commercials, entitled ‘Real Fizziness’ that feature ‘Toey’ Jarinporn Joonkiat, Coca-Cola’s glass bottle centenary brand ambassador. There will be a special version that is exclusively aired on Coke’s online channels on Facebook and YouTube;
out-of-home media installed at key locations at downtown buildings;
fun activities in digital and social media and in which consumers can participate;
other advertising media, including posters at stores and restaurants, to entice consumers to order glass-bottled Coke and enjoy it with their meals;
as well as on-the-ground activities to share directly with consumers the refreshing, fizzy experience of a Coca-Cola.
Ms. Prapaipak added that the Coke glass bottle is the symbol of refreshment that is outstanding with its unique contour shape. Coca-Cola is the leader in offering a variety of packaging of different sizes and materials to suit special consumer needs for various drinking occasions.
“Apart from glass-bottled Coke, our beverages come in slim and sleek cans and PET bottles. Matching the right size and material for the right occasion has been one of the most important factors for our success and for winning consumer preference,” she said.
Ms. Prapaipak said, “The iconic Coca-Cola glass bottle is one of the world’s earliest and most successful commercial packaging innovations. It was introduced in 1915 to support the brand’s marketing efforts and reinforce the distinctiveness of the brand. Its unique contour shape makes it recognisable by touch, even in the dark.”
Coke is the iconic brand of refreshment, happiness and positive thinking. It is the world’s number one beverage that keeps people around the world refreshed with 1,900 million glasses consumed daily.
The sparkling beverage market in Thailand is estimated to be worth Bht 47,330 million* in 2014. The Coca-Cola system in Thailand is the market leader in sparkling beverages with 58% market share*.
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