Green building in Thailand: Why is it important and worth Investing?


Green building in Thailand: Why is it important and worth Investing?
Real Estate Press Releases Friday February 13, 2015 14:07  
Bangkok–13 Feb–TEAM GROUP
Aware of the increasing importance of green building in Thailand, TEAM GROUP organized a seminar on “Green building in Thailand: Why is it important and worth Investing?” at the Ballroom, at The Emerald Hotel, Bangkok last month. In his opening speech, Mr. Chawalit Chantararat, Chairman of the Executive Board of TEAM Consulting International Co., Ltd. (a member of TEAM GROUP) stated that the objectives of the seminar were to foster the public’s knowledge and understanding about green building and its trend in Thailand as well as to encourage knowledge integration for development of green building design and energy-efficient buildings. The event was honored with a special lecture on “Direction of government’s support for green building development”, by Mr. Kiatisak Chantra, Chief Engineer from the Department of Public Works and Town & Country Planning (DPT), which is a major agency responsible for setting up policies on city planning and building control and promoting green buildings in Thailand.
Other lectures given by specialists from TEAM GROUP included: “A current overview of green building in Thailand” by Dr. Pimpida Chanyaraksakul, P.E., LEED®AP, TREES-A; “An overview of building energy management and efficiency systems” by Dr. Jeerakiat Apibunyopas; and “Green building certification: A Comparison of Newest LEED Version 4 and TREES” by Dr. Pimpida Chanyaraksakul and Dr. Apamat Chanmeka.
The second half session consisted of lectures on: “Designs of general buildings and green buildings: Mechanical and electrical system design, energy consumption calculation model, daylight use model and the Building Information Modeling (BIM)” by Mr. Wichit Sanghitkul; “energy saving improvement in retail stores” by Dr. Jeerakiat Apibunyowas; “Benefits of green building and energy–efficient building” by Dr. Apamat Chanmeka and “Green building projects and energy saving projects” by Dr. Pimpida Chanyaraksakul, .
As the “green trend” is growing worldwide, energy and environmental conservation requires involvement of all sectors. Both entrepreneurs and the general public strive to make the most out of the energy and resources available while minimizing environmental impacts to ensure sustainable development.
In this context, TEAM GROUP, in its capacity as a foremost consultancy in Thailand, is more than ready to deliver integrated services in multidisciplinary areas of engineering, environment, transportation and logistics, water resources, energy, management, and communications and public participation. Its total solutions include green building one-stop service, which ranges from consultancy, design, to requisition for green building certification at both domestic and international levels such as LEED, Green Mark, TREES, etc.