We are often asked why we are called “Shrimp”… It’s certainly not because we think small, in fact as Bangkok’s longest established Design and Communications agency, having been active for over 38 years, we think we have helped to shape the creative landscape of Thailand and the region.

Our longevity stands for loyalty, trust and assurance that we have grown and changed with the times, constantly providing insightful and creative solutions for our clients. And by the way… Shrimp is the rather endearing nickname of our founder and MD – Patrick Gauvain.

Design and innovation are the bywords for differentiation and positioning of everything from processes, systems and organizations to toasters, hand dryers and bicycles. Shrimp Asia uses design to create positive impact… and we help brands grow, which helps businesses grow.

Great design drives powerful game-changing innovation. Innovation powers successful brands. Successful brands build brand ambassadors and loyalty.

It’s really very simple. If you want to really succeed in business, you need to focus on your brands and how everyone that touches or engages with them experiences them. You need to allow designers to innovate without restriction, knowing they may possibly fail, but it is possible that through this failure great success can be born.

You have to trust your designers to innovate and be different, which can be very difficult for some clients to do. Clients need to let go and allow designers to develop the powerful alchemy of words, shapes, patterns and imagery, grounded in business strategy that is your brand story. It’s this story people want – a story so rich, different, beautiful and simple they want to buy, own, share and believe in it.

The quality of our work is a direct result of the authenticity of our insights. By understanding, to the point where it becomes intuitive, how a brand looks, sounds and feels in any situation, we’re able to match brand expressions to consumer behaviour and create a real and lasting dialogue that doesn’t so much reflect, as inform and influence consumer culture.

Applying strategic rigour to bold thinking allows us to develop creative ideas that we know are relevant.



Being a full service agency our holistic approach gives clients all the tools they need to effectively communicate their message to their target markets in an efficient and precise manner. Our brand-centric thinking ensures egos get left at the door and your brand is king.


Products are born out of necessity, but brands are created in the minds of their users. It is not enough to simply promise the best; one must consistently deliver the best, day in and day out.


This is not only the way we view our own brand, but an ethos inherent in everything we do. Your brand is not your logo… your brand is your DNA. It is the single most important factor in communicating your product offering to your target audience.


Design naturally follows brand innovation and is the personification of your DNA. Developing the most creative solutions not only represents the unique character of your product or service offering, but also speaks directly to your audience in a way that inspires and engages them. Practicality and ingenuity are the driving force in our approach.


So… your brand is born, your products are designed… Now it’s time to tell the world.


The way in which you can engage your audience is changing daily. Digital communication is not the only solution. Traditional media is still an incredibly powerful force and our approach is to not only create a powerful brand image, but make a powerful brand statement.


“Everyone has a plan ’till they get punched in the mouth,” said former world heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson. There have certainly been a few punches thrown our way in recent years. However, with effective media planning and using budgets in a creative way, you can ensure your voice is loud and clear, whilst others fade into silence.


The social revolution was most certainly televised. In fact it has changed the marketing landscape for good. It has empowered your customers and enabled you to engage with them in a completely new way. Brands that don’t communicate with their customers will quickly find brand loyalties shifting. By giving them a voice, you are giving them ownership of your brand, and this is the kind of loyalty advertising money cannot buy.


An effective signage system is often your customer’s first physical contact with your brand and an aspect of your service offering commonly overlooked by many marketing specialists. Ensuring your customers are in the right place and headed in the right direction directly impacts their experience of your brand.


We design real-world solutions and we’ve been doing so for more than 38 years. The big ideas we bring to life are all around you — they’ve been built, drawn, printed, written and put online — from Tokyo to Aqaba, and from conceptual design to POS expressions. Our ideas are designed to be implemented and they form part of an integrated, practical brand communications toolkit. The proof of great design delivery is everywhere you look and everywhere you experience a brand.