Thai government to drive development on international platform and digital economy


Thai government to drive development on international platform and digital economy  
The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) recently welcomed M.R. Pridiyathorn Devakula, Deputy Prime Minister, who gave a key note speech on “The Strategy to drive Thai economy to grow firmly and sustainably” to more than 300 executives of the money market and capital market. He also urged the Thai capital market’s initiatives to enhance the direction on international platform, along with the country’s digital economy agenda, with synergy to drive the economy to grow firmly and sustainably.
SET Chairman Sathit Limpongpan said the deputy prime minister also has recently joined the SET board of governors’ meeting and was instrumental in advising the Thai capital market’s strategic planning as one of the key Thai economic drivers under the country’s development framework, aiming Thailand to be a key player on the international platform. Under this plan, the government would encourage foreign companies to establish their regional and international headquarters in Thailand in order to attract foreign investment into the country.
In line with the government policy, SET has continuously been expanding, diversifying and internationalizing the products and assets, while enhancing the positioning of being an investment hub in the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS).
In addition, the government sector is committed to driving the economy along its digital economy plan by using information technology to boost efficiency and add value, across the board, starting from the capital market to all industries, including services and manufacturing sectors.
“This year SET has launched the capital market development direction to have a sustainable growth to accommodate the change of business environment by putting its “Digital-Diversified-Sustainable-Internationalized” (DDSI) concept into action. SET will facilitate the IT system for all dimensions of operation to accommodate all parties in the capital market, diversify products and assets at multi-market and multi-asset levels, while developing existing products. The exchange will also enhance the capital market’s stakeholders to run business with combined environment, social and governance concerns, and expand its international role. These are SET’s core tasks for the next decade and in celebration of its 40th anniversary this year,” Sathit added.
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