Exclusive: NMT International (Thailand) Co., Ltd, a Global Project Logistics Company, Continues Its Local Expansion


Exclusive: NMT International (Thailand) Co., Ltd, a Global Project Logistics Company, Continues Its Local Expansion

In a year that has witnessed some real struggles within the broader Thai economic landscape, NMT, a worldwide logistics company with offices in Thailand, is continuing its drive forward within the country and the broader region.

Naturally, with the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) just a year away from becoming a reality, Thailand’s strong geographic position and relatively advanced levels of infrastructure when compared with a number of its neighbours, makes it an attractive marketplace.

NMT International (Thailand) Co., Ltd are looking to expand their operations in Thailand and are very much a hands-on player in the heavy lift cargo market. The company is recognised as the global market leader in handling project-related and heavy lift cargo, sending in their specialists to supervise every step of fabrication and transport.

The Pattaya Business Supplement talked with Ms Janis Arlidge, the general manager of NMT International (Australia) Pty Ltd, and Mr Colin Ward, the managing director of NMT International (Thailand) Co Ltd, to gain a better understanding of a business that started in the Netherlands in 1976 and has enjoyed a long growth path in the almost four decades since.

Ms Arlidge explained, “NMT is not the average freight forwarder. We don’t simply go in, pick up the goods, and move. We work with the engineers from the design stage through fabrication. We use our local knowledge to draw up route plans in order to maximize the shipping envelope. We’re involved at every step, from design to delivery.”

NMT engages in a lot of pre-planning research, a process Mr Ward covered. “When a client comes to us with a project for transport from Thailand to Australia, for example, we take the project details and come up with a summary sheet of module sizes. From here many steps are taken into consideration, such as establishing which is the best port location for both loading and discharge, the correct vessel type for stowage, and an on-road route survey. The importance of these steps are to provide the client with the best suitable solution for their affordability, schedule, and to accommodate the cargo. This is all part of the service NMT provides.”

Over the decades NMT has built up a strong network of key connections, especially within government authorities and suppliers. These relationships permit NMT to offer an even better service to their customers. Ms Arlidge noted, “We always try to leverage our relationships in our customer’s favour. For instance, we’ve been able to build very close relationships with Main Roads Western Australia because we cooperate with the authorities prior to our cargo even arriving. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with them so that they know what to expect and can come up with traffic plans to relieve congestion. We’ve built these cooperative relationships with many ports and authorities…These relationships allow us to find the best, quickest, and most cost-effective routes for our clients, so that even en-route we can give them options.”

NMT (Thailand) Co Ltd was set up three years ago and due to the increased volume of business between Thailand and Australia the company set up an office near the Laem Chabang port.

As Ms Arlidge pointed out, “There are several reasons Thailand is the right choice for us. In the past, a lot of fabrication for Australian projects was done out of China, but many are now selecting Thailand…because, not only have costs risen in China, but [there has been an] increase in quality and quantity from the Thai fabricators. The comments we are receiving from our clients regarding the quality is Thailand is of the highest standards. Lastly, the Free Trade Agreement between Thailand and Australia also makes fabrication in Thailand more cost-effective compared to China.”

Within Thailand, NMT is branching out into providing freight forwarding services for general cargo. Mr Ward said, “Of course, we specialise in project and heavy lift cargo, but the freight forwarding side is an important facet of our service offerings in Thailand. We believe there is demand and a growing market here where we can distinguish ourselves with a uniquely personalised approach in regards to general cargo.”

NMT has offices and networks in China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Africa, North America, and Europe. As Mr Ward notes, “In Thailand we’ve brought in a team of experienced professionals who embody the company’s hands-on approach…[and] we also have the local knowledge…necessary for navigating the Thai marketplace.”

Mr Ward concluded, “We’re available 24/7 for our clients, because we understand that problems can arise at any hour- and we’re always prepared to guide them through it. We always take the hands-on approach, and we take pride in providing a high level of service. The attention to detail, the dedication to customer care- it’s all just a part of the package you get with NMT.”