Levi`s launches Levis Commuters mobile application for bicycle commuters


Levi`s launches Levis Commuters mobile application for bicycle commuters


Business Press Releases Tuesday October 14, 2014 16:21

Bangkok–14 Oct–Grayling

Following the successful launch of the LEVI’S® COMMUTER jeans range in early 2014, Levi’s recently launched a new mobile application featured on both iOS and Android operating systems.

The new “LEVI’S® COMMUTER” application is packed with a variety of features to make commuting by bicycle safer and more comfortable. The app enables cyclists to track their route with Google Maps and collect information about average speed, calories burnt, distance covered and trip time. Cyclists can share and post their routes and statistics with friends on social networks.

Levi’s® has introduced special features in its application which will enable users to participate in challenging events, such as the “501” km ride. Commuters can also use a filter camera to capture moments on the streets and alert other riders of hazards on the road with a special danger zone warning feature. Store locations and the latest news and offers from Levi’s® are

also available.

“Levi’s® has a proven track record of picking trends in society ahead of others,” said Peter Hornby, General Manager Fashion Apparel, DKSH Thailand. “Thailand is rapidly catching up to the global upswing of using bicycles to commute in large urban areas. Every day, more than 250,000 people cycle in Bangkok and there are more than 2.6 million cyclists in Thailand. The COMMUTER range of clothing and this new application are just another example of how the brand keeps staying ahead of the curve,” he added.

The “LEVI’S® COMMUTER” app includes the following features:

Route sharing

The bike commuter can track routes and collect data of rides to verify the identity and lifestyle of the cyclist. The app tracks routes through Google Maps and collects data such as average speed, distance, directions and calories burnt. The users can share data with friends via social media.

Danger zone warning

The bike commuter will enjoy riding the favorite bicycle route safely, thanks to a danger zone warning feature that identifies dangerous zones and shares it with bike commuters via social media. Moreover, the app has a flashlight feature to provide light during night time riding. It also features the SOS light signal to call for help and identify the user’s location in case of an emergency.

Commuter camera

The users have the possibility to take a picture during the trip and share it with friends at any time. The camera has more than 10 filters for users to choose which picture is best for sharing.

Challenging event

As a privilege for the bike commuter who is also a customer of Levi’s® jeans and uses the “LEVI’S® COMMUTER” app, he/she will have a right to participate in fun activities held by Levi’s®. Commuters can collect miles through the app and redeem the points for a special discount when shopping for casual clothes at Levi’s shops or a collection of Levi’s® commuter at any Levi’s® shops pinned by the “LEVI’S® COMMUTER” app.

Let’s be a part of the Levi’s® COMMUTER community where users can experience challenging activities and meet new friends who share the same passion of bicycle commuting. The “LEVI’S® COMMUTER” app is now available for download at the App Store and Play Store.

Soon, this app will add the new feature to facilitate the search for a bicycle shop or bike café.

For more information about the “LEVI’S® COMMUTER” application please visit www.levisthailand.com/commuterapp

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