Has Google is Penguin Taken a Bite out of Your Website Traffic?


Has Google’s Penguin Taken a Bite out of Your Website Traffic?

When it comes to gaining new clients for your business, a website can be one of your best tools.
Let’s look at the facts, your website will happily work 24 hours a day, always ready to meet and greet
your next potential customer. What’s more, it won’t throw the occasional sick-day, just at the start of a
busy period – like an unreliable employee.
Treat your website well and it will deliver results, time after time, after time.
Hang on a sec, as you ask what do you mean by “treating it well”?
Put simply, you need to drive plenty of traffic its way. Make it easy for people to find and you’re onto
a winner. Easy as that! Oh yeah, and have some great content on it to make people want to stick
Unfortunately instead of gaining extra visitors, many website owners are actually losing valuable traffic.
You might be thinking that:
● Your site has gone missing from the world wide web
● The phone is broken
● The email account has been hacked
● No one is using your shopping cart
So, if you are one of those website owners who hasn’t had an email enquiry recently, or you can’t stand
the silence in the office because the phone no longer rings then Google’s latest algorithm update might
well be to blame!
The Penguin (3.0) Bites Back
Before we dive in and tell you just how to get to grips with these pesky penguin’s we should really take a
look as to why your traffic might have disappeared.
The first thing to understand is that Google means business with this latest update. It has taken them
over 10 months to put the whole thing together and they want it to be far reaching.
Google has put backlinks right in the full glare of its spotlights. Webmasters and so-called SEO experts
who went about building poor quality, spammy links are largely to blame for this increased focus.
Of course, some website owners already “came to the party” and cleaned up their act. However, for
those of you who just carried on with outdated back-link generation and continued to treat any link as a
good link then now it’s payback time.
In English, please!
If you have been paying for links then it is very likely that your actions have caught up with you. If (like
80%) of website owners you have put your faith in an unprofessional SEO company and they have built
you poor quality links then now is definitely the time to take (positive) action.
Appeasing the Penguin (3.0 version)
Thankfully, all is not lost.
You don’t have to continue to have sleepless nights thinking where you can get your next customer
from. Help is at hand from the digital marketing team at the Voova Group.
First thing’s first is get in touch with us and we can start to get your lost business back. We’ll talk to you
about conducting a site audit and putting in a robust plan to re-build Google’s faith in your website.