Samitivej International Childrens Hospital, New Medical Hub of ASIA


Samitivej International Childrens Hospital, New Medical Hub of ASIA

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Friday April 11, 2014 10:03

Bangkok–11 Apr–Samitivej Hospitals

Samitivej International Children’s Hospital opens to provide an international standard of pediatric specialist services

After a decade of providing high-quality pediatric care, Samitivej, one of the largest hospital groups in Southeast Asia, has opened Samitivej International Children’s Hospital. The newly established facility synergizes the group’s extensive resources to provide better care for up to 1,000 outpatients and 100 inpatients per day. Samitivej International Children’s Hospital is staffed by specialist pediatricians who cover all aspects of childrens health. The hospital offers a full spectrum of primary and tertiary care services including pediatric air and ground medical transportation to treat medical emergencies, and is anticipated to generate one billion baht in revenue annually. In addition, Samitivej will continue its philanthropic efforts through its “New Life Foundation,” which will provide free pediatric heart surgeries and bone marrow transplants for ten children in 2014.

Dr. Chairat Panthuraamphorn, Managing director and CEO of Samitivej Public Company Limited, said: “Samitivej has been well known for its pediatric care over the past 35 years. Our children’s hospital was established 11 years ago and has been recognized both nationally and internationally. We provide children’s health care services at Srinakarin and Sukhumvit. With our team of approximately 150 pediatric specialists, we can treat childhood diseases at primary, secondary and tertiary levels including acute and chronic diseases, perform pediatric surgery, and provide pediatric medical transportation inside and outside the country.

“We opened Samitivej International Children’s Hospital to combine the strength of children’s health care from our Sukhumvit and Srinakarin campuses and to develop a center of excellence. We are expanding strategic alliances in ASEAN, Japan and the Middle East, and we conduct continuous staff training to enhance service levels and constantly increase our potential and ability to take care of pediatric patients. Our strategy of combining the strength and synergy from all the hospitals in our group has been successful. Samitivej International Children’s Hospital will support the national policy and direction of Thailand to be a medical hub of Asia. We generate revenue for the Thai economy and promote the development of Thai doctors through cooperation with overseas organizations for medical research.”

Dr. Dhun Damrongsak, Deputy CEO and Hospital director of Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital said: “In addition to our strength in general and specialized health care, Samitivej specializes in providing pediatric medical evacuation and has been the only service provider of pediatric aeromedical transportation services since 2007. All 130 patients who have been served by air ambulance have arrived safely at their destinations for medical treatments. We have expanded our services to neighboring countries and large cities in Asia, the ASEAN region and China, including Beijing and Shanghai. We also provide medical escort services to transport patients to countries such as the United States and Australia.”

Dr. Somsiri Sakolsatayadorn, Director and Executive Advisor of Samitivej Public Company Limited, said that in the initial stage Samitivej International Children’s Hospital will provide services at the hospital’s Srinakarin and Sukhumvit facilities. “We can increase the number of pediatric patients from 800 to 1,000 per day. We have a team of 150 general and specialized pediatricians in all fields, including specialists in complicated diseases such as pediatric heart conditions, pediatric urinary tract conditions, and pediatric bone disease. We also provide care for newborn babies, including babies born prematurely from as early as 20 weeks, low birth weight babies from as little as 500 grams, and newborn babies requiring surgery. We will increase the specialized treatments we offer at Samitivej Sukhumvit through our Children with Special Needs Clinic so as to offer a similar number of services as at Srinakarin.”

Professor Emeritus Dr. Chanika Tuchinda, Advisor to Samitivej International Children Hospital, is celebrating the opening of the hospital with a continuing commitment to social contributions through the “Samitivej New Life Foundation” project. “Free surgeries have been provided for a total of 95 patients with congenital heart disease since 2012. We will continue with this initiative until 100 patients have been served. Free bone marrow transplants will also be provided for five thalassemia patients in 2014, and we are currently planning scoliosis surgeries for teenagers.”

Dr. Surangkana Techapaitoon, Director of Samitivej International Children’s Hospital, added: “In order to promote Samitivej International Children’s Hospital, we received accreditation by the Joint Commission International (JCI) from the United States of America in the form of Clinical Care Program Certification (CCPC) for Childhood Asthma Care. We are the first hospital outside the United States to be granted this accolade. In addition, Samitivej is forming alliances with leading overseas hospitals for cooperation in the treatment of pediatric patients inside and outside Thailand, especially those with specific diseases such as children needing bone marrow transplants. To enhance the life quality of pediatric patients and to gain wider recognition as an international hospital, we have invited experienced specialists from both within and outside of Thailand to be our advisors, such as Professor Dr. Pisetpong Pattamasukhon, a pediatric infectious disease specialist from the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

As a well-recognized international children’s hospital, Samitivej regularly organizes academic seminars for doctors, nurses and medical professionals. In February 2014 Samitivej invited specialists from both within and outside of the country to share their knowledge about current trends in child health care at the 3rd International Golden Day in Pediatrics.

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