New Website Design gives Food by Phone more ‘bite’


New Website Design gives Food by Phone more ‘bite’

Bangkok’s leading home delivery company, Food by Phone, recently redesigned its website in order to incorporate some and important features which are aimed at making it ever more user-friendly.

As company founder and managing director Marc Hagelauer noted, the Food by Phone website is a key component of their marketing strategy and it now features extensive details about their restaurant partners, menus, various promotional offers, and opportunities for customer feedback. The website also has Thai and Japanese language options to further broaden their customer base.

The new site introduces a new, fresh and modern logo and now incorporates Smartphone technology to allow customers to order from their favourite restaurants anywhere in Bangkok using iPhone, iPad or Android applications. They have easy-to-use, downloadable Apps which allow you to order dishes from Bangkok’s best restaurants, as well as desserts, soft drinks, beer, wine and even a selection of convenient household and toiletry products.

As Marc states, “Our business success has been built on delivering a high level of customer satisfaction and an important element of this is embracing new communication technology to meet the needs of our expanding and increasingly diverse, customer base.”

Additionally, almost every week, new restaurant partners are coming on board. Monsoon, Bishamon, Sunrise Tacos, Bangkok Burger Company or Snapper , considered one of Bangkok’s best restaurants, are all recent additions to the portfolio of available choices.

To meet the expanding business growth Food by Phone has also recently employed additional delivery personnel, to maximize customer satisfaction.

Food by Phone was established in 1998 by Marc Hagelauer and Rungrudee Suwannake as a high-end restaurant delivery service.

Not much has changed in the almost 16 years since Marc and Rungrudee decided to start Food by Phone. As he has stated previously, “Whilst I was enjoying working in Bangkok, I became increasingly frustrated with the effort required to enjoy a nice meal at the end of the working day. The heat and humidity, and the interminable traffic problems invariably detracted from the experience. So I thought, let’s bring the great menus of Bangkok into the home or office environment.”

Certainly the opening of the Sky Train (BTS) at the end of 1999 and, a few years later, the underground train (MRT), has made a difference when it comes to getting around much of central Bangkok, but clearly not to the extent that a service like Food by Phone has ever suffered a downturn in business. Food by Phone’s service to their restaurants provides them with an alternative sales channel and is a brilliant service to customers, bringing to them the food they could only get by braving Bangkok’s notorious traffic.

In order to maintain the highest quality of service, all the telephone operators speak fluent English, all messengers are fully trained to a keep a high standard at all times, and all packaging is specifically designed and microwavable. Food by Phone take pride in offering the highest quality service available, at reasonable prices.

To order online, just go to their website: or call 02-663-4663. The company is open every day from 10:30am to 10:30pm and can also be reached via Facebook ( or followed on Twitter (