I Want To Make An App, Should I?


I Want To Make An App, Should I?

Well, every day you stumble across dozens of free mobile apps that appear within the various social media platforms. Judging by their numbers, you might be tempted to believe that mobile apps are a new marketing tool your business can’t do without.

Even though apps can be invaluable for some businesses, the truth is that they don’t constitute the answer to all of your problems. In fact, before rushing to the bank, it is highly advisable to ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Is a mobile app suitable for your line of business?

Take note that apps work best for restaurants, beauty centres and businesses that have ongoing offers for their target audience to redeem. In case your line of work doesn’t involve regular promotions, then perhaps apps don’t lend themselves to your type of marketing.

  • Why would your target audience even download the app?

If you’re thinking that your loyal customers will automatically download your app simply because you provide one, you’re wrong. Your duty is to find a way to encourage the audience to do so by clearly showing them the direct advantages of downloading your app.

  • What tasks do you want the app to perform for your business?

In case you want a mobile app for your business simply because everyone else has one, then you should be prepared for disappointment. Not only does the app need a distinct purpose, but you should devise a strategy that facilitates its integration into your marketing efforts.

  • How are you going to convince users to keep using your app?

Despite the popular belief, a mobile app is not a one-time investment. In fact, you’ll have to keep up with the digital trends and provide regular updates, patches and fixes to maintain your app running smoothly and your users happy.

Maybe you’re not asking the right question

In case you want to make an app for the sake of having one, then the truth is that you shouldn’t. Don’t forget that a poorly made application with no real value for your target audience can damage your brand and company image.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of creating a method of communicating with and engaging your audience on the mobile platform, then the answer is yes, go for it. If you include goals like personalized interactions with individual users, attracting clients with games or interactive elements and the app is designed to act like a reminder of your business’ existence, then the app will likely be worth the time and money.