Well here we are at the beginning of a new year with a whole month already flown


Well here we are at the beginning of a new year with a whole month already flown

by, and as we look forward in to 2014 what new products might be being offered in the market place?

Here at Liberty Computers after quite a bit of investigation and testing we are pleased to announce a new range of products that complement our existing POS and security products in order to provide an even more comprehensive business solution to our clients.

First of all, the provision to wireless internet to the guests of hotels, night clubs, bars etc. We were fed up of poor performing off the shelf wireless access points and routers, so when an existing client asked us to help upgrade a system provided to him by a third party, we took a look around at what was available ‘outside the box’. The result was the installation of a new router and wireless access point that gave a 360 degree 600+ (!) foot coverage from a single unit, at a very competitive cost.

We have also added some complimentary offerings to our POS systems.

The first is a waiter call system. If you have a busy club or night club you can ensure your clients get served when needed. All your customers have to do is press the call button on the table, and a notification of the need to service is displayed on an LED screen, or to be more discrete each waiter can wear a special watch that vibrates and displays the table number that needs attention. Prices start from as little B10,000.


The second is a financial software module. This enables you to track all income and expenditure from various sources as well as identifying where financial resources are tied up. It’s amazing the number of companies that don’t have a precise handle on where there cash assets and liabilities lie! This is a simple to use module to help you manage the overall business better. One of our clients were holding nearly B200,000 in petty cash when in fact the software identified they actually needed less that B20,000! The software is B8,000 and can be used independently of our POS products.

The next few weeks should see additional products being added to our portfolio including a very comprehensive but competitively priced hotel/resort management system.

If you have any queries about these or any of our products please call me on 038 360 400 or email [email protected]