Whats Hot Whats Not In The Digital World Of 2014


Whats Hot Whats Not In The Digital World Of 2014

2013 has been an exciting year for both organic and paid search marketing. Many changes to the ways in which we reach and engage with our audiences have been introduced and anyone wishing to achieve success in the world of online marketing needs to embrace these new ideas.

Google Adwords has completely overhauled the way in which advertising campaigns are structured this year, and has focused mainly on these changes throughout 75% of 2013. As if that wasn’t enough for one year, since October Google has introduced a whole heap more exciting features to make targeting your potential audience easier and more accurate.

The latest Adwords updates include cross device conversions, it is now possible to track real-time conversion data between different devices, phone calls and even actual ‘in store visits’ will soon be trackable. All you need to do is ensure that you have the Google Adwords tracking code installed on your site.

Remarketing for search ads is one of the most exciting new adwords features which has been launched recently. This innovative idea relies on a small piece of code which tracks visitors coming to your site and can follow them around the web, showing them adverts for your product or service. You can refine this targeting to send out a specific message aimed at people who have visited certain pages on your site and even create a separate landing page for previous visitors returning to your site. Don’t forget to cap your impressions though, you don’t want to flood the market and risk people blocking out your branding.

Social Media has been one of the top ways to spread your online message during 2013 and this will continue into 2014, but expect the free ride to stop very soon. More and more social media platforms are expecting businesses to pay for impressions, clicks or traffic to their page. If you haven’t checked out some of the newer social networks yet, make this a priority at the beginning of the New Year.

Content Marketing is and will continue to be one of the strongest mediums of digital marketing and by content we don’t just mean the written word! Get creative – think video, think infographics, think useful, relevant and interesting…and don’t copy!

In order to stand a chance in the fight for exposure against all the other companies out there, your content must, must be unique and that doesn’t mean taking what someone else has written and rewriting it in your own words. Your content needs to have something which no-one else has got, and one of the easiest ways to do this is to include your own opinion or experiences. A small insight which no-one else has thought of or isn’t confident enough to advertise can make a huge difference to the credibility and shareability of your article.