The Volvo XC60 D4


The Volvo XC60 D4

Automotive Press Releases Friday November 29, 2013 09:59

Bangkok–29 Nov–Volvo

The Volvo XC60 D4 Model Year 2013 is Volvo’s bold, sporty and muscular challenger in the Small Premium Utility segment. The car is charged with emotive form and energy. It has the real crossover character with a combination of the traditional city vehicle and a cross country vehicle aimed at young, professional urban people with an active lifestyle.

The Volvo XC60 D4 Model Year 2013 comes with the latest safety and driver’s comfort features including the innovative Active High Beam, Tunnel Detection and Road Sign Information.

The XC60 D4 has come with the latest Volvo Sensus infotainment system and is specified with the Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake safety system, the world’s first safety technology that enables the car to stop automatically before it hits a person, plus many more.


Characteristic design

Down below, the unmistakeable, capable cross over muscles are pumped up, creating a strong athletic body that is mated with high ground clearance and large wheels. Up above, the flowing lines create the sporty charisma of a coupe. The sculpted, seductive lines are particularly clear when the XC60 is viewed from the side.

The frowning contours of the headlamps and the taut rearward flow of the front wings emphasise the bonnet’s classic V-profile, giving the front an eager, wedge-shaped stance. This DNA ingredient is further strengthened by the newly incorporated unique DNA lamps.

The car’s shoulders are exceptionally broad. The large wheels, the bold wheel arches and the darker livery of the body’s lower section further enhance the muscular feel, while the dynamic, flowing lines of the greenhouse combined with its daring roof contour impart a sporty coupe feel to the upper part of the car.

The rear design is characterised by tail lamps with micro-optics and LED technology. The lamps, which distribute their light in a special way, enhance the characteristic “Volvo” design. The new 18” wheels enhance the sportiness, making the XC60 D4 a truly sporty and stylish cross country.

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