Pattaya Quiz


Pattaya Quiz

1. The Peloponnesian War (431-404 BC) was fought between which two Greek cities?

2. Cuneiform is an ancient form of what?

3. The first Roman landing in Britain took place in what year?

4. The asteroid belt orbits the sun between which two planets?

5. In 1881 a future American president climbed the Matterhorn. Who was he?

6. What modern-day country in Africa was formerly known as Bechuanaland?

7. What legally prescribed drug was taken off the market in the early 1960s after it was discovered it caused birth defects?

8. Who did Fidel Castro overthrow to take control of Cuba in 1959?

9. Robert Heinlein wrote which sci-fi novel about a human born on Mars to a lost expedition and returned to Earth later?

10. Who was the first American female to go into space?


1. Athens and Sparta 2. Writing 3. 55BC 4. Mars and Jupiter 5. Theodore Roosevelt 6. Botswana 7. Thalidomide 8. Fulgencio Batista 9. Stranger in a Strange Land 10. Sally Ride (in 1983)