Flying in the beef: AKA Foods getting more than air miles


Flying in the beef: AKA Foods getting more than air miles

Where do some of the best-known and top quality restaurants in Pattaya obtain the meat they serve their customers? The answer, in many cases, is AKA Foods.

Based in Soi Town in Town (off Central Pattaya Road, about 30 metres east of Foodland), AKA Traders has been operating for about 16 years, initially starting

as an importer of wines and antique and art products. AKA Traders branched out into the food importation business in 2005 and took over a sausage production company the following year.

This year, AKA has begun literally flying in top of the line Canadian and American Black Angus beef. The Canadian beef comes direct by plane from the plains of the province of Alberta in Canada. This is an area specifically noted for its top quality Black Angus beef.

The American Black Angus also comes direct from the United States and is produced by the well-known Harris Ranch, one of the best known producers of high quality beef in North America.

AKA Traders settled on both these places to ensure the quality they provide for their clients in Pattaya and elsewhere is nothing but the best.

Among the different cuts they specialise in are: Tenderloin, Rib eye Lip on/Lip off, Strip/sirloin, Top sirloin butts, Brisket, and Navel plate cut.

AKA Traders have also started importing some new burgers from New Zealand. These are also of the Black Angus varieties, but of New Zealand beef. They also bring in top-notch lamb for special lamb burgers. These burgers are precooked so their customers do not have any waste when they cook them. The quality is unquestioned and AKA say they are already among the best sellers in many restaurants and bars.

AKA are also quite well known for their quality sausages, the types you don’t get when you order an 89-baht breakfast; these are truly top-rank and flavourful.

The company has been very careful over the years to employ and train the right kinds of people for their business. They have made sure to always have the right equipment required to expand and improve their product lines.

Just as important, AKA Traders have made sure they fully comply with all Thai government regulations and licensing.

This attention to detail has seen the core business of AKA Traders grow in strength.


Apart from the above-mentioned Canadian, American, and New Zealand beef and lamb products, AKA Traders also import Italian specialties and seafood.

In-house they produce a full range of sausages (as noted already), bacon, smoked fish, and bottled preserves.

Since good food and good wine are practically synonymous, AKA Traders also stock carefully selected wines, mainly from Italy and Chile. The wines are chosen for their excellence, character and good value.

AKA have a Bangkok affiliate who supplies them with a wide variety of interesting Italian wines.

The majority of AKA Traders’ business is conducted with top-end hotels and restaurants in the wholesale market, but they are also receptive towards retail customers.

Their showroom in Soi Town in Town is designed to appeal to a walk-in trade where customers can browse and assure themselves of the genuine quality of the food and wine on offer.

For more information on their products or to contact them directly, either visit the showroom in Soi Town in Town or visit their website: where it is possible to download a very comprehensive PDF of their incredibly extensive product line.

As they say, ‘Our number one goal in all of this is to provide our customers with products that are unique and truly a bit above the rest on the market.’