Do you need an app which is smart watch compatible?


Do you need an app which is smart watch compatible?


USB port on your pants or wedding ring GPS tracker?



Remember that guy who had a calculator on his Casio wrist watch? Yeah, that guy, Mister Gadget. Times have moved on massively since then and we are here to look at a new swooping market that has been picking up momentum. It all kicked off mid 80’s when Casio’s CFX-400 watch took on more than just time telling, it not only performed scientific calculator functions, but also stored appointments, names, addresses, and phone numbers. It was the start to the avalanche we call ‘wearable technology’.


Blue-tooth ear rings can now be bought that have a pin sized mic and speaker so you can look good while everyone thinks you’re crazy and talking to yourself. You can get glasses which have a video camera and mico SD slot to record your life, gloves that have heating coils which charge though your 5V USB outlet, or the linen jacket that has an integrated cooling system. More practical data recorders that have been designed and produced to look good are used to collect data points on athletic performance and are now making their way to the mass market. Now, your everyday Facebook pal will boast and post a daily map of the 4 km he ran and which route he took, he may even be kind enough to share his play-list of music.


Mobile phones went from suitcase sized to match boxes. Then came the high resolution displays and on the go information management, it was a global take over by the touch screen portable computers (with the option of making a call) aka ‘Smart Phones’. But today’s big thing is a little touch screen you wear on your wrist that controls the monster in your pocket. The Smart watch, it’s a little extension of your phone, it’s being very heavily marketed by the big corporations and it is quickly becoming necessary for mobile apps to be smartwatch compatible.


Apps are now a huge part of our daily life, how many of you update Facebook on the go, or contribute to a forum or check the news? Most of these activities are made possible by app technology and more and more apps are being released every week. There are currently over 1,000,000 apps in the iTunes store and over 800,000 in the Google Play Store.


Over the next few months we will start to see how the smartwatch trend will affect us here in Thailand and you can decide whether you need an app for your business which is smartwatch compatible.