British Airways Announces New Flight Times and Arrival Terminal Upgrade for Bangkok-London Route


British Airways Announces New Flight Times and Arrival Terminal Upgrade for Bangkok-London Route

Travel and Lifestyle Press Releases Thursday October 24, 2013 16:05

Bangkok–24 Oct–Grayling Thailand

Thai travellers flying British Airways to the United Kingdom can now experience an even more comfortable and convenient arrival at London’s Heathrow Airport.

As of October 27, 2013, British Airways flights from Bangkok to London arrive at Heathrow’s newest terminal, Terminal 5 (T5). Previously, British Airways flights landed at Heathrow Terminal 3.

As T5 is the world hub of British Airways, passengers are now also able to catch connecting flights to UK travel spots, and many other European and U.S. East Coast destinations, from a single terminal.

“With these changes, our customers will enjoy an even better start to their UK visits,” said Mr Siriram Narayan, manager Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, British Airways.

He added, “After a long flight, they can look forward to making the most of T5’s modern, comfortable, and high-tech facilities. With flights to other destinations in the UK, Europe, and the East Coast of the United States departing from the same terminal, they’ll no longer have to rush to another Heathrow terminals.”

The daily Bangkok-London / London-Bangkok flight times have also changed as of October 27:

Flight   Route           Departure Time   Arrival

BA09     London-Bangkok   1505 local time   0920 local time the next day

BA10     Bangkok-London   1055 local time   1655 local time

The early arrival of the flight to Bangkok enables customers to enjoy a full day in the city, or catch a more convenient connection to other destinations in Thailand and neighbouring countries.

The service is being operated by a Boeing 777 aircraft in three class configurations with Club World, World Traveller Plus, and World Traveller.

State-of-the-art Heathrow Terminal 5 has 96 self-check-in kiosks, more than 90 fast bag drops and 54 standard check-in desks. In 2012, more than 28 million passengers (on 193,440 flights) passed through Terminal 5. The terminal offers customers unbeatable connectivity to destinations in the UK and Europe and access to award-winning arrival and departure lounges. Home to more than 100 shops and restaurants, Terminal 5 was named by Skytrax as the World’s Best Airport Terminal for a second year running in May this year. It also won the World’s Best Airport Shopping award.

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