In the Frame, EuroPVC still holds sway


In the Frame, EuroPVC still holds sway

Although Pattaya has often been viewed as a place where everything comes cheap and is done on the cheap, the truth is that quality will always have a much greater chance of long-term success.

When it comes to the windows and doors market there really is no long-term substitute for quality, and this is where the EuroPVC company is arguably the acknowledged market leader in Pattaya.

EuroPVC opened its doors for business seven years ago and despite national political turmoil and the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) it has secured a very firm niche in the Pattaya property market as the chief supplier of quality Unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride (uPVC) doors and windows.

A lot of their business comes via referrals from satisfied individual customers. EuroPVC have been very successful at what they do because they are focussed on their core business, that is, measuring, making, and installing PVC windows and doors. That’s the business they are in, and the management have resisted any moves to start diversifying and move into areas with which they are not completely au fait.

It may seem a narrow focus, but when so many major developments are taking shape throughout the greater Pattaya area, there’s no shortage of work for a company offering top-notch windows and doors. Basically, there’s absolutely no need for EuroPVC to look to diversify or expand their business base, because they’re busy enough as it is.

Providing a quality product alongside good after-sales service has proven a genuine winner in the Pattaya business stakes. They have also given the lie to the idea that this city is built ‘on the cheap’.

PVC as a product possesses a series of positives that makes it a perfect choice for the discerning buyer. In the first instance, it looks good. Being aesthetically pleasing is only a bonus however. More important than a stylish and modern look, PVC windows and doors do not require any special coating or varnish to guard against the vicissitudes of the elements. It is a product that offers superior heat insulation than ordinary timber or aluminium, thereby helping to keep houses cooler. The windows and doors are also good in terms of soundproofing and are quite fire resistant.

The management of EuroPVC not only supply a great quality product, they are also aware of the need to maintain best practice when it comes to customer service. It starts with a potential customer asking to get a quote on having a series of windows and doors installed, whether it be in a new project or an existing house or condo.

From there a proper assessment is undertaken and a professional quote provided. If the customer goes ahead, then the job is completed to their satisfaction. If there are any problems, then these are rectified as quickly and efficiently as possible. The importance of a good reputation cannot be underestimated in a city such as Pattaya, where the rumour mill works overtime and shoddy products and workmanship are quickly identified.

Certainly, the major developers in the city are very aware of the need to install quality products in their projects and EuroPVC is arguably the premier supplier for the windows and doors found in these developments.

For more information on EuroPVC visit their website: or call managing director Aaron on 081 762 8402. You can check out their showroom on Sukhumvit Road, situated almost opposite the on-ramp for the Highway 7 flyover heading north from central Pattaya.