What Does Google Really Want To See On Your Website?


What Does Google Really Want To See On Your Website?

4 Simple Rules to ensure that your website delivers a great user experience, is seen favourably by Google and stays on top of the competition.

These 4 simple steps will ensure that your site is praised by Google and rewarded with high rankings in the search engines. It will also maximise conversions from your visitors.

The 4 things that you need to do to your site in order to get in the good books with the almighty Google are as follows:

Firstly – practice good technical SEO

Secondly – build a site that users want to use

Thirdly – create a conversation around your site

Lastly – create links to your site from reputable places.

Lets Start With Good Technical SEO:

There are millions of articles on line that will give you the “10 top tips to SEO” or “100 ways to optimise your site”, and trust me, they are all saying the same thing. Good technical SEO is clean coding that isn’t trying to game the system and can be read easily by the search engines.

Time and time again I see webmasters that think, “If I just add my keyword 100 times to this page, Google will know that I am trying to rank for my keyword”. Stop that, stop that behaviour RIGHT NOW!!!
One thing you need to know is that the Google bot is really, really smart. Google will read your site with as much efficacy as a human will, and can tell exactly what you are saying, just as you can tell that I am talking about SEO in this article.

To give you an indication, let’s do a little experiment. I’m going to assume you know the movie “O’ brother where art thou”
This is a little thing you can do just to see, not only how smart Google is but, why targeted keywords are not as important as they once used to be.

I want you to Google “the movie about the 3 guys who escape from a chain gang and sing a song”

What comes up? You see, It’s not all about the target keywords.

Now try it with another one, Let’s say, “movie with the classic Ferrari that gets destroyed”

Did you get Ferris Buellers day off?

Last one.

“movie with green letters on a screen”

I’ll let you get that one yourselves.

So what do you think we have just illustrated here? Put simply, it’s not that these sites are optimised for odd searches like “Movie with green letters”, it’s that Google, in its infinite awesomeness, knows what you are talking about. It can read between the lines and it knows that you’re looking for a particular movie just by describing a small part in it. Someone somewhere spoke about that part of the movie and Google has kept this in it’s huge database.

Google knows what is on your site, and will deliver a search result based on such obscure searches as I outlined above. It’s smart, really smart and, if you think you’re smarter. You’re not.

So, good technical SEO, has a semantic conversation around the topic, it has the general keywords in the title, meta description eg: Movie, but it’s not trying to aim directly at the target, it’s letting Google do the hard work.

To find out what else Google wants to see on your website, don’t forget to pick up next month’s issue

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