Shabushi Never Stop Eating! Shabu Lympic 2013 is back!


Shabushi’ Never Stop Eating! “Shabu Lympic 2013” is back!

More than 700,000 Baht in prizes

Business Press Releases Friday July 5, 2013

Bangkok–5 Jul–PolyPlus PR

Shabushi by OISHI has underscored its leadership as the champion of “Shabu-Shabu Japanese-style Suki Hot Pot” with the launch of “Shabulympic 2013”, a comeback campaign to seek the winners of Shabu-hot-pot eating contest, preparing to inject more than 700,000 Baht as prize money and special offers.

Mr. Paisarn “SAM” Aowsathaporn, Executive Vice President, Food Division, OISHI Group Plc., said, “As the King of Japanese Food, OISHI Group has continued its series of hot marketing campaigns including “Shabulympic 2013”. The Shabu-eating contest will stimulate the awareness of consumers in the second half of this year. The contest highlights OISHI’s “buffet variety” strategy by creating a restaurant in the contest for the contestants. Last year the contest was very well received. It attracted more than 1,000 contestants across the country.

But this year the contest is even more extraordinary. It’s divided into three categories: (1) Single Contest, (2) Double Contest and (3) 4-Member Team Contest as OISHI has found that most of its customers usually come in a group of friends. The new categories will better serve the lifestyle of the customers and promote love as well as unity among their friends. This year OISHI increases cash prizes and other prizes to be worth more than 700,000 Baht. The campaign is budgeted as high as 20 million Baht.

“Shabu-eating continues to be a popular trend. To expand its customer base in the second half this year during July-December 2013, OISHI will add new 15 Shabushi branches to secondary markets including super centers and hyper markets, etc. Five of them will be in Bangkok and the rest will be in other provinces. By the end of 2013 there will be a total of 88 outlets. Every quarter of this year, more improvement for service standard will be introduced, especially in the food choices to make a difference and variations to ensure that consumers will not feel the choices are repetitious and uninteresting when walking in and that “Shabushi” is the number one in “Shabu-Shabu Japanese-style Suki Hot Pot” and deliver the most impressive experience to the consumer as well as reflecting the vision of the company as “The leader and innovator of the Japanese food and beverage business for the quality of life and wellness of the new generation.”

Mr. Niruth “BANK” Sripawatakul, Marketing Director, Food Division, OISHI Group Plc., added, “Event marketing will still be the marketing tool as last year by holding “Shabulympic 2013″. The contest this year adds Single Contest, Double Contest and 4-Member Team Contest. In a day, there will be three rounds of contest: First Round: 12.00, Second Round: 15.00, and Third Round: 18.00. Each contestant has 1 hour and 15 minutes to eat all Shabu dishes. Score counting is based on the number of finished plates (beverage drinks and food from the bar are not counted). Each contestant has to finish all of the food. Any remainder will be weighted (not including soup). A remainder of 100 grams will equal a deduction of five dishes. The top eaters will be selected from each region and enter the semi-final contest in Bangkok to find the ultimate winner.”