Mazda Roars Into Thai Motorsports Scene With Mazda2 Race Cars


Mazda Roars Into Thai Motorsports Scene With Mazda2 Race Cars

Automotive Press Releases Thursday July 25, 2013

Bangkok–25 Jul–Mazda Sales (Thailand)

Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd. is preparing to proudly enter Thai motorsports under its sports marketing drive campaign. The company will introduce Mazda2 road racing cars built by world-class Mazda motorsports mechanics under the “Innovation Motorsports” team logo. They will compete in the Thailand Super Series, one of the largest and most followed motorsports events in the country.

Sportiness is something that never fades away from the Mazda DNA and this is reflected in our slogan “Zoom-Zoom” and “We put a little sports car in everything we do”. After a brief absence from the local motorsports scene, Mazda is back with a bigger mission by pitting both the Mazda 2 Sport 5-door hatchback and the Mazda 2 Elegance sedan in this year’s Thailand Super Series. This is a continuation of Mazda’s sports marketing strategy into various disciplines. Mazda has recently signed a three-year sponsorship contract with Nakhon Ratchasima-Mazda FC, a decision that has been highly successful in strengthening Mazda’s brand awareness. Mazda is also planning other sports activities in order to enhance the brand’s sporty character.

Mr. Choichi Yuki, President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., said Mazda’s sporty character has been inherited from past models to present, and into the future models as well. “Mazda has a long history of motorsports, especially in road racing events. Mazda was the first and only Japanese auto maker to win the grueling 24-hour Le Mans Endurance Race with the 787B back in 1991. This is the pride of Mazda and for the Japanese people, and this pride is about to be transferred to the Mazda2 race cars that will compete in the biggest motorsports event in Thailand,” he said.

The Innovation Motorsports team is a new team but is made up of highly experienced members who jointly developed the two outstanding race cars. The Mazda2 Sport 5-door hatchback (No.17) is driven by a familiar racer and celebrity Mr. Pete Thongchua, who has been racing both cross country and circuits for the Mazda team in the past. He also won the Thailand Championship title last year with the BT-50 pickup truck. Meanwhile, the Mazda2 Elegance Sedan is driven by Mr. Michael Freeman, who is highly experience driver and simultaneously manages the team. The Mazda2 cars will compete in the Super Production class at the Thailand Super Series.

Ms. Sureetip La-Ongthong Chomthongdee, Vice President of Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd., said today Mazda has proudly entered the Thai motorsports scene once again with the introduction of the Mazda2 road racing cars. “The Mazda Innovation Motorsports team is a collaboration between Mazda Sales (Thailand) Co. Ltd. and Mazda Motor Corporation, as well as our motor sports personnel. This has allowed us to build high-performance racing cars and a very strong team to compete in this year’s races. Mazda has chosen the Mazda2 in order to stress on the outstanding performance of the Mazda2 that is second to none, as well as to create stronger brand awareness through the sporty character of Mazda vehicles that we can communicate directly with target customers,” she said.

Mazda motorsport fans should not miss the opportunity to cheer for the two Mazda drivers in the Thailand Super Series 2013, which is made up of eight races. The first two races have already been staged, and the Mazda cars will first compete in the third and fourth races to be held at the Bira International Circuit on August 17-18. The fifth and sixth races will also be held at Bira on October 5-6, while the seventh and eight races will be held at the spectacular Bangsaen Speed Festival on December 14-15. For more information log into

Mazda2 Race Cars

The sporty appearance of the Mazda2, particularly the front grille, headlights, taillights and lively body lines, is enhanced further with sports front and rear bumpers, side skirts and rear spoiler. The stock MZR DOHC 16-valve powerplant, with a displacement of 1,500cc, is capable of producing 103hp and 134Nm of torque at 4,000rpm. It features S-VT (Sequential Valve Timing) and TSVC (Tumble Swirl Control Valve) that offers swift response while the EPAS (Electric Power Assistance Steering) provides precise directional control.