Combining Time and Art: Hermes Arceau Pocket Volute


Combining Time and Art: Hermes Arceau Pocket Volute


Inspired by a classic Hermes silk carre in 1972, Arceau Pocket Volute is not simply a timepiece but also a work of art. The remarkable combination of skill – gold marquetry and hand engraving together- allow the yield of such an exceptional end result.

Carefully hand-crafted volutes grace the cover of this pocket watch, that required close to 150 hours of work for this surface alone. The dial also features extensive skill giving it subtly graded shades of colors in warm chestnut brown hues.

The life of this unique piece beats at its heart from the mechanical self-winding H1928 movement. This watch is a succesful combination of fine craftsmanship and noble horological tradition.

With its classic yet intricate design, the Arceau Pocket Volute is bound to impress.

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