A Genuine Irish Experience


A Genuine Irish Experience


‘We Cheat Tourists and Drunks’. That was the wonderfully tongue-in-cheek sign which adorned the wall outside the entrance to The Dubliner, one of the first themed Irish bars and restaurants in Bangkok. Of course they don’t cheat tourists or drunks, or anyone else for that matter, otherwise the Dubliner would never have been awarded more ‘Best Pub in Bangkok’ gongs than any other comparable establishments.

Another key factor in The Dubliner’s success has to be the fact the place has been owned and operated by people who hail originally from Ireland. And they live up to the stereotypical image of the Irish as well: jovial, friendly, and happy to ingest industrial quantities of alcoholic refreshments, whereupon they become even more jovial and friendly.

The Dubliner started life in May 2000 and was situated at the corner of the famous Washington Square area. It almost looked out of place in that location, but it prospered and was highly successful and popular for almost 12 and a half years. That length of time is a sure sign of its attraction, because Washington Square was not really on the tourist trail and not even a real expat area.

Offering Irish Stout and real Irish Coffee are two other reasons why The Dubliner quickly gained a strong and loyal following.

Then, in November 2012, The Dubliner moved to new premises in Soi 33/1, off Sukhumvit Road, next to the Prom Pong BTS. Certainly, it was going to be interesting to see if they could hold on to their regular clientele, but they needn’t have worried. The place remains hugely popular and the locals still form the vast majority of their customer base.

The major difference between the old and the new is that they have added a boutique hotel with 18 good-sized rooms, and a ready customer base.

The quality and range of their food remains the same: yes, it’s pub grub and no one is going to come in looking for haute cuisine, but it’s good, hale and hearty and a great stomach liner for those who are going to make it a night out at The Dubliner.

With live Irish music most nights of the week, the atmosphere is unlike any other place in Bangkok, or, really, anywhere else in Thailand for that matter.

They do all-day breakfasts, tasty lunches, bar snacks and waist-enhancing desserts. Another draw is The Dubliner has the daily international newspapers, supplied by NewspaperDirect, which is a definite positive.

As the owners are only too willing to admit, they have managed to recruit a great team of employees, and that helps immeasurably with keeping The Dubliner at the forefront of the expat pub scene in Bangkok.