Enjoy Cards – Bringing the customer to you



Enjoy Cards – Bringing the customer to you

Enjoy Cards have been recognized by marketing executives and company owners here in Thailand as an innovative and cost effective way to promote a company’s name and product or services in areas of huge consumer traffic such as supermarkets and department stores and even hotel lobbies, restaurants and bars. Enjoy Cards are available in several areas of Thailand, including Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Bangkok.

Enjoy Cards are name card size and placed in stylishly designed presentation displays of which there are various options to suit the venue concerned and to maximize the visual impact among passing consumers. They are optional sized, custom made, counter, free standing, rotating and wall displays all designed to be eye catching. It is basically placing your business card in front of many thousands of people every day, tourists, locals and expats.

The sheer convenience of the size means that your ‘advert’ will end up in a wallet or purse or a pocket, not discarded in a waste bin as are bulky maps or tourist magazines that have a proliferation of advertising, but no or very little content of interest. It is a very intelligent way to get your namecard in places where you would not normally have any access to and consequently customers you would not normally have access to.

The highly attractive displays create curiosity among customers, who then take time to browse and collect the free cards of products or services that are of interest to them. Of course an Enjoy Card is not simply a business card on a rack. If it were, people would not be attracted to or interested enough to take them or keep them. It is a highly attractive mini ad that gives you the edge over your competitors as the customer keeps them to hand due to their convenient size.

The design team of Enjoy Cards are highly trained, creative graphic designers and will ensure that you get the maximum visual impact from your card. The company also regularly maintains the displays to ensure they are always in perfect condition and that the cards are always ‘topped up’

A typical card will feature the following;


Business name & logo

Service provided (optional).

High quality, eye-catching photograph



Type of business.

Logo and/or paragraph about the services

User friendly map.

Company address and contact information.

Directions in Thai for ease of transportation.

As a method for reaching locals and expats, it is also an excellent cost effective way when these other potential customers are in department stores, supermarkets and their local restaurants and bars. Enjoy Card displays are in over 170 quality locations in Pattaya.

Another main advantage of this type of advertising and promotion is the flexibility. The cards can be specifically targeted in individual languages, one in English, one in Thai, or one in Russian for example.

If you are looking for an innovative type of direct advertising, having your ad on display 24/7 in venues of enormous customer traffic and the advantage of tactile effect on the customer (your ad in their hand) then please contact Ben at 0846 77 43 60 or call 084 567 5670.

There is also more information and some examples of the cards on their website www.enjoycardsthailand.com