Suit Select Introduces Four Innovations


“Suit Select” Introduces Four Innovations

After stunning the suit industry with the innovation of Shower Clean Suit, suits which can be cleaned with shower spray, and Skinny Super Tough 100s that is high endurance, last year, Suit Select, the trend leader in suit designing and production innovation AKA “The Real Suit” has invented 4 latest innovations including Skinny N-Stretch, the newest skinny suit that is flexible and high endurance, Dynamic Silk, a luxury Italian suit that is special light, COOL MAX Jacket, a cool suit with great ventilation, and ICE MOVETM, men’s underwear which reduces body temperature by 1 degree.


Narong Lertkitsiri, CEO of Konaka (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed about the 4 innovations that “With great feedback on Shower Clean Suit and Skinny Super Tough 100s from suit lovers as the products match perfectly with the lifestyle, Konako Japan has been introducing innovations which match with the changing lifestyle consistently.


Skinny N-Stretch is the combination of 2 bestselling innovations including X-Suit and Skinny Super Tough 100s. So, it is a very flexible suit that is also high endurance. It is perfect for those who wear suits and ride a bicycle or motorcycle and those who love parties and dancing or those with heavy a lifestyle.


Dynamicsilk: Normally, Italian wool only presents luxury and classic sides but Konako Japan presents other features of Italian wool by working together with Luigi Botto, a famous fabric producer who mixes the material resulting in new features that mixed with Italian wool to become Dynamicsilk that is luxurious, classic, shiny, light, and comfortable.


COOL MAX Jacket is a cotton jacket which is quick dry providing comfort and is perfect for the weather in Thailand.


ICE MOVETM is men’s underwear with key features of smell protection, quick dry, and comfortable resulting in less sweat.