Health and Wellness 2013



Health & Wellness 2013

Food and Healthcare Press Releases Friday January 25, 2013

Bangkok–25 Jan–Mindshare

Mindshare Thailand reveals Thais more conscious on health and wellness but fail in practice

Mindshare Thailand, the leading marketing and media network reveals today HEALTH & WELLNESS Trend Spotting in 2013. The study found that Thai people are more conscious to have a good health and a healthy lifestyle, however, but are not practicing as their unhealthy habits still remain. As the modern living toward urban lifestyle can be seen more and more where time become precious, Thai people tend to prefer quick fixes on health and wellness rather than actually working for it.

Rerngrith Jindaporn, Director, Business Planning, Mindshare said, “In the past decade, Thai people are more health- conscious. Moreover, both government and private sector have paid more attention on this aspect as can be seen from health campaigns and programs. The study reflects that 84% of people are happy with their standard of living. The figure also shown Thai people live longer but they are not yet risk free as the viral infection are more harmful, though the medical development has been advanced. ”

Pathamawan Sathaporn, Head of Business Planning, Mindshare said “Health & Wellness trends are one of the indicators of a positive development of economy and a better quality of living. As this industry has been growing continuously in the past decade, Mindshare then continues to develop this study and detect the 8 key trends for marketers”

8 trends spotting are derived from Mindshare proprietary tool 3D and in combination with in-depth interviews – Mindshare Consumer Voices, to capture what’s happening to the health and wellness of Thais at present time. Other secondary source of information worth mentioning include, Euromonitor, the Futures Company, and GfK.

They will also search information from expert and real consumer’s experience for one’s self and family member. Crowdsourcing & Tribe endorsement on Health & wellness will be another area online as well as Tailored-made mobile phone application: on self-medication. There will be an area of retailer space expansion on all heath & wellness products.

With diversity in consumer behavior, marketers need to explore each key trends and themes and how it will drive consumers’ need and attitude towards product. It will also be useful to frame on communication. Also, discovering key influencer will be beneficial to stimulate their decision making process.