Get into the Spirit of Idyllic Phuket



Get into the Spirit…of Idyllic Phuket

Phuket. For those who have lived in Thailand a little while the name might not resonate quite as loudly as it once did, maybe no longer evoking those relaxing sub-conscious images of white-sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, and azure skies.

Well, the reality is that Phuket is still a place where many people head when they think of white-sand beaches, swaying coconut palms, and azure skies. Yes, enormous development has taken place across much of the island and there are those who decry what they see as the result, but only because, in many cases, they really wanted to keep the idyll for themselves, and keep newcomers out.

One company with a track record of achievement when it comes to building quality in a beachside setting is New Developments Group Asia. In Pattaya, or more correctly just a little south in Na-Jomtien they built the Spirit. Now they have turned their attention to Phuket, or more specifically, to the Ban Tao beach area.

In this still prime and idyllic locale, New Developments Group Asia intend to create a genuine five-star-plus luxury beach-style condominium complex, to be called Spirit Beach Residence. Considering Ban Tao is not one of those little lips of beach but instead is almost eight kilometres of pristine white sand – and yes, the water is azure- this should prove a winner with those who are indeed drawn to what many think is one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Ban Tao beach already boasts a number of high-end hotels and leisure facilities, including the five-star Laguna Resort. Naturally, where there is luxury in residence, there is usually an equal amount of luxury in fine dining, and Ban Tao delivers with plenty of restaurants offering a smorgasbord of Thai and international cuisine.

New Developments Group Asia have already completed projects in both Ban Tao and nearby Surin. Apart from these and projects in Pattaya and Jomtien, they have worldwide experience in property development. They have been successful because their projects are meant to be eco-friendly, turn-key developments with complete customer satisfaction at the core.

Their business mantra is to emphasise quality in construction and materials and well-considered design to produce the ultimate in practicality for those who will actually purchase and live in their developments. It’s not just about building in prime locations, but building with a view to preserving the uniqueness of that location and the eminent practicality of living in that space.

So what are the ‘numbers’? The Spirit Beach Residence Ban Tao is set on 22.5 rai and has been individually and ergonomically designed by one of Bangkok’s leading architects. Apartments will range in size from 50 sqm to 300 sqm, ensuring there’s something suitable for every requirement.

The development will take place over two or three phases with the planned end result meant to resemble a small ‘green’ town with low density living in the residential zone and all the amenities you should ever require centred around what they term ‘the Plaza’. Although 94 percent of the development will consist of residential areas, there will be plenty of commercial (shops / restaurants / office space) and social infrastructure (including a dedicated medical centre) to provide a lifestyle synergy rarely seen in other projects.

With Phuket just an hour or so by air from Bangkok, and already a well-known and popular holiday and retirement destination, the Spirit at Ban Tao should prove to be a wonderful investment as well as a popular lifestyle choice.
For more information on the Spirit Beach Residence, Ban Tao Beach, Phuket, contact them direct on 081 589 0110.