How to avoid the Most Common Internet Marketing Mistakes



How to avoid the Most Common Internet Marketing Mistakes

  • One of the most popular search terms on Google today is ”Make Money Online”

  • This term is searched for by more than 800,000 people every month!

  • Most of these people are hoping to give up their day jobs and start earning an income through the World Wide Web.

There are roughly 650 million active websites on the internet today and millions of these are successful businesses. If you want to make money online then you need to remember that ”websites don’t make money – Businesses make money”.

Unless you are prepared to treat your online venture as a real business, you are likely to fail.

We certainly don’t profess to be able to tell you how to make money online, but after reading this article you should certainly know what not to do. You need to remember that, just like any other job, you have to put time and effort into your plan.

Here are some of the common mistakes that many newcomers to internet marketing regularly make. If you can avoid these, there is a chance that you will be successful.

1. Believing The So-Called ”Gurus”

This is probably the most common mistake that newcomers make and one that could cost you many small investments.

Internet marketers would be wise to never believe everything that these ”gurus” tell them!

These so-called gurus usually have a great landing page, either on a self-created website or an internet marketing forum. They then proceed to tell you how they make thousands every month and usually have some Photoshop-ed evidence to prove it.

They tell you how easy it is and that you can be making the same amount in a matter of days or weeks if you purchase their eBook or product. Many of these will prove to be almost entirely useless and not worth the money spent on them. Their advice will often be extremely generic or specific only to their own circumstances.

Nothing worthwhile is ever easy or as cheap as they are offer it. Regardless of how affordable their product is, your money is better spent elsewhere.

2. Self-Doubt

Some people believe that to succeed online you have to be some sort of technical genius. This is not true at all.

There are many web platforms that are suitable for beginners and allow them to build a website in a few basic steps.

Platforms such as WordPress allow you to create your website within a few hours. If you are not confident doing this, you can simply follow how-to videos on YouTube. Once your website is built, you can proceed to add e-commerce, which allows people to purchase your product through your site.

There is also the option to hire a web design company to build your site for you.

3. Not Taking Any Risks

Most people have to take risks online if they want to succeed. I’m not talking about gambling your money away, but if you are trying to build a business, there will be costs involved.

Websites need optimisation work done to them to get organic traffic from search engines such as Google. You cannot just build a website and hope for the best!

If you want to learn about search engine optimisation yourself, you could start by reading our articles every month, then following many of the leading websites in this field such as SEOmoz or SEO Roundtable.

4. Not Hiring Professionals

Some people believe that they can make a business online without any help from professionals. While some do succeed, the majority do not.

Websites are delicate and, if optimised or designed the wrong way, you will find that the search engines are not interested in ranking your site and people are not interested in your product or service as your website is not reaching out to them they way it should be.