Language School Wins Award From Education Department



Language School Wins Award From Education Department

The CTLS language school, based in Central Pattaya, was issued with an internal Quality assurance system award by the Chonburi regional office of the Ministry of Education in August. Opened in 1999, the CTLS Language School provides multilanguage services to government agencies, the business sector and the general public. All of the multilingual language-training centres are staffed by talented, degreequalifi ed language professionals. CTLS, according to the Education Ministry award, is the number one provider of Education Visas in Thailand.

Officials from the Chonburi Education Offi ce – located in Laem Chabang – and led by the Director, visited the CTLS Language School to present the award. They were given an inspection tour of the premises and were shown the accounting and record keeping

Dr. Tewi Gleeson, a director and co-owner of CTLS Language School as well as fi ve other similar establishments situated in and around Bangkok, is herself an employee of the government. Dr. Tewi said she was highly delighted and pleased to be recognized as one of the leading language schools in Pattaya. “There are at least forty others to consider. But credit must go to the manager and staff for their dedication, commitment, high standards and hard work in producing quality results.” education and is a double Ph.D graduate in Thailand. The Education Visa market has grown substantially in recent years as more people take the time and effort to learn to speak, read, and write the Thai language. As the market has grown so too, quite naturally, have the number of language schools established to try and capture a slice of this demographic.

The Ministry of Education is required to keep a close watch on these schools to make sure they are complying with the guidelines of the ministry. So, the CTLS award is a welcome one and shows this particular language school has continued to maintain high standards, even after nearly 13 years in operation. The Education Department offi cials noted that CTLS had consistently maintained high quality procedures and exemplary correspondence in their assembly and presentation of educational visa applications sent to the ministry. The school works with the education community and universities, providing special services to help meet growing demands. In response to these demands, classroom capacity has doubled in recent years and CTLS now believes they are the largest language school on the eastern seaboard.

The CTLS Language School can be contacted by phone at their offi ce on 038-416891 or via their website: