NEC to build a new Thai plant

NEC to build a new Thai plant

Japanese Electronics giant NEC is to build a new factory in Thailand. The plant that will be located in Pathum Thani will be built to consolidate activities from two nearby factories. The group aims to double sales of its telephone exchange equipment offerings and automotive electronics products by 2020 to 12.4 billion baht.

With the automotive sector in focus the company expects to see steady growth as cars have more and more electronic devices fitted in them. The new factory will be 24,000 square meters is expected to cost several billion Yen. It is expected to be completed before June and to be operational by November.

The plans for the two nearby factories are for one to be changed to an office space and for the other to be closed down. The new facilities, in total, will be 40% larger once all of the moves have been completed.