Huay Yai Riversides peaceful, easy feeling


Huay Yai Riversides’ peaceful, easy feeling


Just over a year ago the FAHIT Ltd company announced its completion of very special property, located in the fast-growing Huay Yai area. FAHIT, an unusual name but one which simply means ‘Find a Home in Thailand’ was started by Dutch entrepreneur Lex Granaada and completed its first signature project in what is being touted as one of the new up-coming upmarket areas of Pattaya, namely Huay Yai.

The Huay Yai Riverside as the project is called lies just nine kilometres south of Pattaya, and six kilometres from the beach.

The Huay Yai Riverside is sited on the banks of a cosy little stream, surrounded by lush vegetation and the tranquil countryside. The big city and its brash nightlife is just a stones throw away, while the beach is almost on your doorstep. Yet, Huay Yai Riverside revels in the sounds of birdsong and soft breezes.

Peaceful Easy Feeling

As Lex notes, “I think The Eagles might have been here before us and were inspired by the atmosphere when they composed their popular song ‘Peaceful, Easy Feeling’. That title covers it all here at Huay Yai Riverside. We now know a new toll motorway will be built just two kilometres away, connecting us to Bangkok in about an hour, and with U-Tapao airport in just 20 minutes, so we realize what a unique location this is.”

So, his company FAHIT Ltd set out to build a small but meticulously series of attractive villas, the aim being to appeal to a certain discerning sector of the buying public.

Huay Yai Riverside consists of five plots with free-standing villas on each, the smallest covering an area of 525 square metres.

All are three-bedroom villas ranging in size from 212 square metres of built space to 340 square metres. The villas are constructed to a high European standard with steel reinforced concrete, suspended gypsum ceilings, wooden doors, 220 volt, grounded electricity, air-conditioning, fully-fitted kitchens (including an oven) and bathrooms.

The compound is gated and guarded 24-hours a day and each house is set in such a way to offer plenty of privacy to its residents.

The company gives a guarantee on workmanship of five years and a one-year ‘small defects’ cover as well. They also have a variety of service packages to make life even easier for buyers, from swimming pool maintenance to gardening, maid recruiting and the like.

Lex said, “Each plot has its own Chanote title and you have the option of setting up a Thai company that owns the house and land.”

Prices for the Huay Yai Riverside start at just 8.25 million baht, with the most expensive of the five plots at 14.25 million baht. Given the recent strengthening of many foreign currencies vis-à-vis the Thai baht over the last few months (especially the British pound and the US dollar), it looks like now is a good time to be taking advantage of that.

If you have a GPS, the co-ordinates for Huay Yai Riverside are as follows: 12°51’24.2″N 100°58’34.7″E

For more information call 080 094 6178 (for Thai and basic English) or 086 790 4899 to speak with Lex in English, French, German, or Dutch. Or, you can send an email: [email protected] or check out FAHIT Ltd website: