New WeChat 5.4 for iOS Now Enhanced for Your iPad


New WeChat 5.4 for iOS Now Enhanced for Your iPad

Information Technology Press Releases Thursday August 21, 2014 10:10

Bangkok–21 Aug–PC & Associates Consulting

WeChat introduces the new 5.4 upgrade for iOS, boosting your social communication experience on all your favorite iOS devices. Now fully iPad compatible, WeChat makes it easy to connect with friends on the go from both your smartphone and tablet simultaneously. The update also bookmarks your last read message from ones you’ve missed and reads QR codes received within WeChat. So what are you waiting for? Take your WeChatting to the next level and upgrade to 5.4 for iOS today!

Marvelous Multi-Access to WeChat

Chat with friends, compete in games and have fun on WeChat on your phone and iPad at the same time! Log into WeChat with your tablet with the new one scan log-in feature. After installing WeChat 5.4 on your iPad, open WeChat on your iPad and select “Use on Phone and iPad” > then on your phone tap the “Discover” tab > choose “Scan QR Code” > then scan the code on your iPad. It’s that simple to take your WeChatting experience to the big screen and why not check out WeChat’s Chatterbox Blog while you’re there!

Stay On Top Of Your Chats

With so much socializing and so much fun happening with your friends on WeChat, you need to make sure you don’t miss anything. WeChat’s ‘Last Read Message Bookmark’ feature, means after receiving ten or more messages, WeChat will provide a handy “New Messages” notification. You won’t have to worry about being lost in a conversation again!

Simply tap “New Messages” within a chat and you’ll be taken to the start of your new messages to catch up.

QR Code Recognizer Within Chat

Have you received a QR code in a chat and wondered how to scan it? Well, WeChat’s new QR code recognizer differentiates between a photo and a QR code image, all you have to do is just open the QR code image in WeChat > long press it > and select “Identify the image QR code.” Watch as WeChat automatically links you directly to the content. Gather the information you need without having to leave your conversation. Simplicity at its best.

Enjoy the latest version of WeChat 5.4 for iOS today and try all the new features!