Honda Launches New Accord Hybrid


Honda Launches New Accord Hybrid

Automotive Press Releases Tuesday July 1, 2014 16:50

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Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of the new Honda Accord Hybrid, which is equipped with the most effective full hybrid system called the Sport Hybrid i-MMD (Sport Hybrid Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive). It is driven by a 2.0-Liter, Atkinson Cycle Double Over Head Camshaft (DOHC)

i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine developed under Honda’s “Earth Dreams” technology specially for hybrid systems together with two motors, E-CVT transmission, and a high-energy Lithium-Ion battery, offering high driving performance, energy savings, and eco-friendliness. The new Honda Accord Hybrid retains a luxurious and elegant design. Many new refinements have been added to offer a more modern touch, such as blue-framed LED headlights with a Clear Blue lens, LED taillights, a Clear Blue accented front grill, a wide and comfortable passenger cabin that ensures silence during a journey, full premium functions, and advanced safety technology. The new Honda Accord Hybrid offers two variants for customers who are premium car users, with pricing ranging from 1,659,000 to 1,899,000 baht. The sales target for the new Honda Accord Hybrid is 6,000 units within one year.

Mr. Pitak Pruittisarikorn, Chief Operating Officer of Honda Automobile (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “In 2013, Honda received great feedback on the launch of the Honda Accord , the 9th generation, from Thai customers. We achieved accumulated sales of more than 18,000 units for the period of March 2013 to June 2014, the number one share in the family car segment. Not only have we got the biggest market share, we are also number one for family cars. Honda has strived to achieve our goals regarding the environment and developing innovative automobiles. Therefore, we have developed an automobile with advanced hybrid technology to offer the best and most perfect hybrid technology to our customers”.

The new Honda Accord Hybrid was first launched in Japan in June 2013, followed by the United States and Canada in October 2013. Thailand is the fourth country to launch this vehicle. The new Honda Accord Hybrid features the most advanced Full Hybrid Sport Hybrid Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD). It delivers great driving performance with the highest fuel savings of its kind at 23.6 kilometers per liter*. The launch of new Honda Accord Hybrid today marks a milestone in premium hybrid automobiles, with many innovations that make everything possible. The highlights include:

An advanced full hybrid powertrain, the Sport Hybrid Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive

(i-MMD). It is powered by a 2.0 litre Atkinson-Cycle DOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder “Earth Dreams Technology” engine. Exclusively developed only for the hybrid system, the engine offers 143 horsepower and torque of 165 Newton-meters at 4,500 rpm. It works with two motors that provide 169 horsepower and torque of 307 Newton-meters; an E-CVT transmission; and an ultra-high 1.3 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery that has better performance for electricity transmission and generation. This provides longer and continuous driving output in EV drive mode. The ultimate performance full hybrid system combines enjoyable driving with high responsiveness and exceptional fuel economy. Other outstanding features are a power and charge meter, Eco Coaching that enhances fuel economy driving performance, and an ECON Mode button that controls and maximizes the efficiency of fuel consumption. The engine is E20 fuel compatible.

The new Honda Accord Hybrid has three drive modes that can be changed to fit all driving conditions:

1. EV Drive Mode – The motors use the electricity from the battery to turn the drive wheels. During deceleration, the motors regenerate and supply electricity to the battery. EV Drive delivers the exceptional performance and quietness of an electric car, ideal for the city driving environment.

2. Hybrid Drive Mode – This drive mode uses electricity generated by the gasoline engine combined with electricity from the battery to turn the motors and provide maximum torque and instantly responsive acceleration. During deceleration, the engine stops and regenerates electricity. Hybrid Drive offers smooth, powerful acceleration and is ideal for accelerating when driving.

3. Engine Drive Mode – Engine Drive uses the gasoline engine to provide driving power directly. The lock-up clutch in the E-CVT transmission directly links the output axis of the gasoline engine with the drive axis of the vehicle. It provides high efficiency and low friction and makes constant high-speed cruising possible.

Exterior design expresses unmatched luxury in every detail. The new Honda Accord Hybrid is more modern with blue-framed LED headlights, LED taillights, and a Clear Blue accented front grill. The spacious interior has a full range of equipment with premium functions. The range of equipment includes an intelligent control audio system, a navigation system, wireless phone connection, an Intelligent Multi-Information Display

(i-MID), a multifunction steering wheel with mounted controls supporting many functions at your fingertips, and Interface Dial touch screen.

Be confident all around with advanced safety standards featuring G-Force Control Technology (G-CON); Anti-lock Brake System (ABS); Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD); Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA); Hill Start Assist (HSA); Emergency Stop Signal (ESS); blind-spot display (Honda Lane Watch); 3-angle Rearview camera; six safety airbags (Dual front i-SRS airbags, dual front i-Side airbags and side curtain airbags) and the latest Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS), an audible warning to alert pedestrians while running with electric motors that will be standard equipment on all models. It also offers advanced safety with a Collision Mitigation Brake System (CMBS) and Active Cornering Lights.

The new Honda Accord Hybrid is available in two variants, which are the Accord Hybrid at 1,659,000 Baht and Accord Hybrid TECH at 1,899,000 Baht. Both variants come in four colors – Crystal Black Pearl, Modern Steel Metallic, Alabaster Silver Metallic and White Orchid Pearl. To ensure the unrivaled quality of the Honda Hybrid innovation, Honda will provide a 5-year warranty on the entire Honda Hybrid system with no limit on mileage and a 10-year warranty on the battery life for all bookings and deliveries within 31 December 2014.

People interested in experiencing the perfection of the new Honda Accord Hybrid can visit any Honda showroom nationwide or go to Media can search or download more details at

Remarks: – Crystal Black Pearl paint is an additional 8,000 baht

  • White Orchid Pearl paint is an additional 12,000 baht

  • Features vary according to variants.

* These fuel consumption figures were the result from a TIS 2540-2554 (2011) certified testing institute, which complies with UNECE Reg.101 technical specifications. (Fuel consumption will vary from actual driving depending on various factors)