Universal Group Thailand – Selling the Seven Seas



Universal Group Thailand: Selling the Seven Seas

The market for developing resorts in the Jomtien area of Pattaya has now become a high-stakes game.  In such a competitive environment, it takes a very exciting and unique project to stand out from the crowd.  

Seven Seas Condo Resort Jomtien is such a project.

Seven Seas is the first project in Thailand from the Universal Group.  Although the Universal Group may be newcomers to the market here in Thailand it does not mean that they are new to the field of property development though.  Far from it.  With the company’s roots stretching back as far as 1972, the Universal Group’s history is substantially longer than all of the major domestic Thai developers, such as Major and Sansiri, to name but a couple.

Over the past four decades, Narayan Pagarani has grown the Universal Group to become a highly diversified company which has become one of the global leaders in international real estate development, whose projects cater to the individual needs of the African, Indian, Gulf and Asia Pacific markets.

The scale of Seven Seas Condo Resort Jomtien is so vast that only a company of Universal’s scale and experience can be expected to bring it successfully to fruition.  In addition to the Universal Group’s long track record, buyers on the project can be reassured by the fact that finance for the development is already in place through a financing agreement with LH Bank.  The resort covers a huge site of 15-rai in size, which will contain a total of 1,450 apartments set around a large lagoon-style pool with a surface area of 6,000m2.  Construction at Seven Seas Condo Resort will commence in July 2013, with completion scheduled for the end of 2015.

In terms of location, Seven Seas Condo Resort is situated on the Chaiyapruek Road, just off Jomtien Second Road.  This means that it is just a short stroll to the sea, which is located just 600m from here.  As a result, Seven Seas is one of the few resorts in Jomtien where it is possible to walk to the beach – as opposed to most competing resorts in the area, from the beach can only feasibly be reached by taxi.  Seven Seas also benefits from being located in a more mature part of Jomtien, where there are already several shops and restaurants within easy walking distance – with many more sure to come as this part of the city continues to develop at breakneck speed.  All of the entertainment options of Central Pattaya are just a short, 15-minute, taxi ride away.

Seven Seas Condo Resort takes its name from the fact that the lagoon pool features seven different areas, each of which has an island at its centre.  Each of these islands provides a unique selection of facilities which together offer users a selection of features that are impossible to find outside of a large, dedicated water park.

Among the seven islands that form part of the resort are: Bahamas Island, which features a submerged ship containing watersides, water cannon and fountains; Seychelles Island, containing many shaded cabanas; Easter Island, featuring replicas of the famous Maoi sculpted heads, with sun loungers hidden among them. The other islands, including Madagascar, Bora Bora, Hawaii and Bahamas, all contain many more water park-style attractions, including dedicated spa pools, jacuzzis, refreshing waterfalls and artificial sandy beaches.

For those wishing to take a break from the water, Mystery Island contains not only a club house featuring a restaurant, but also a fully-equipped fitness centre allowing those who have overindulged to get back into shape.

Surrounding the lagoon pool, there are a total of eight different eight-storey buildings  containing the condo apartments.  No matter what a buyer’s budget or space requirements may be, they are sure to find a suitable unit at Seven Seas Condo Resort.  

Those of limited means looking for an affordable holiday home for two will probably be most interested in the 27m2 studio apartments, which start at a mere THB 999,000 under Thai Company ownership.  Those who require more space can opt for one of the different sizes of one-bedroom apartments, which range from 36.5 – 52m2 and start from just THB 1,299,000.  For those wishing to house an entire family for longer durations, there is an option for combining two of the one-bedroom apartments to form a larger two-bedroom/two-bathroom unit.  With a minimum size of 73m2, these roomy apartments are perfect for those who are planning on using their condo for extended periods of time.

All of the apartments at Seven Seas Condo Resort are supplied on a fully furnished basis – and that includes a full complement of electrical equipment from the world’s number one electronic goods producer, Samsung, through a sponsorship agreement arranged by the developer.

Potential buyers at Seven Seas Condo Resort are able to see exactly what they are going to get inside these apartments as the development already has a full showroom facility on the site of the development.  Here it is possible to see three sizes of apartment – a studio, one-bedroom apartment and a two-bedroom/two-bathroom unit.

The Seven Seas Condo Resort showrooms are open every day from 9am to 7pm.  So, if you are interested in buying into Jomtien’s most impressive and feature-rich development, head on down there today and take advantage of the pre-launch prices which are currently on offer.

For more information on Seven Seas Condo Resort, call 091-245-9160 or check out the development’s website at www.sevenseascondo.com