Electrolux Fires Up Home-Cooked Thai Cuisine With Powerful New Gas Hobs



Electrolux Fires Up Home-Cooked Thai Cuisine With Powerful New Gas Hobs

Finding the perfect hob for home cooking, especially Thai foods, can be a challenge, as most conventional hobs lack the strong flames needed to achieve the smokey aroma that is a hallmark of classic stir-fry dishes. But Electrolux has come to the rescue with two new hob ranges ‘The Brio and Maxiflame hobs’, perfectly matching all cooking needs with ultra-modern design and safety.

“Our research told us many Thais were looking for hobs which delivered the quick and efficient heat necessary for wok-style cooking,” said Sutti Manokitjarunman, General Manager of Electrolux Thailand. “With the exceptional performance and control of these new hob ranges, everyone who loves cooking can now enjoy all the spontaneity and fun of wok cooking in their own kitchen, but with urban chic international design that blends seamlessly into a modern kitchen environment.” Brio Hobs: Sleek modern design delivers energy efficiency The Electrolux Brio hobs are designed to help you save on energy while enjoying great cooking results every time. The Brio features a 4.3kW high-efficiency wok burner that gets your wok hotter and 30 % faster than the average consumer model. In addition, the Brio Perforated Diffuser offers precise heat control together with an even and stable flame that ensures your food is perfectly cooked, no matter how large the portion. The beauty of the burner design doesn’t stop there. The 30-degree flame angle is specially designed to deliver a high-temperature blue flame to the wok, while the Aerated Penta Jet provides enhanced power efficiency, reducing boiling and heat-up time by a third.

The ergonomic and spacious design of the Brio also ensures maximum space for cooking several dishes at the same time. The knobs are placed well away from the burners for increased safety, making sure you never have to reach over a hot pot to adjust the flame settings. An integrated and sturdy pan support rounds off the safety measures of this powerful cooking hob. A sleek safety glass surface combined with an Easy Fit Brass Cap with an interlocking design makes post-cooking clean up a breeze. With the Electrolux Brio, your perfect dishes are well withinreach. Hotter and Faster with Maxiflame hobs One of the key findings from the latest Electrolux Asia Pacific Food Survey is that cooking and enjoying the favourite dishes at home with their families remains important to many Thais. The new Maxiflame cooking hobs from Electrolux are the home chef’s answer to whipping up these weekly family dinners right in their own kitchen. The aptly named hob range will not just ignite a passion for cooking at home; it also ups the design quotient of any kitchen.

Anyone who has tried cooking any favourite dishes at home knows that the key to success often lies simply with the burner. This is where the new Electrolux Maxiflame hobs come in. Equipped with the latest innovations in the areas of design, technology and functionality, this versatile cook-top offers two very different burners that provide powerful heat sources for boiling and stir-frying – two of the most popular methods of cooking especially for Thaicuisine. The first is the enhanced Maxiflame Wok Burner which rivals professional cooking hobs with a maximum power rating of 4.8kW. The wok burner’s Triple-C Inner Ring design concentrates the powerfully intense flames at the centre of the wok, and the high heat helps seal in the all-important juices in ingredients within seconds. This allows home chefs to replicate the distinctive smoky aroma of street food at home as well as cooking larger portions for bigger families.